Alpha Skills for December

Hi all;

So I’m new to EVE, but not CCP, as you could tell by my username.

Some people may or may not know the extent of the skills Alphas will get, but I have some questions regarding them.

Will Alphas get:

Moon mining lasers?
T1 large weapon turrets?
More drone skills? I do have to say with this, not having access to Salvage Drones 1 or Mining Drones 1 does kinda blow.
Large shield extenders, boosters and hardeners; large armor planes and repairers?

There’s probably lots of stuff I’m missing

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They are giving them Battlecruisers and Battleships, so presumably all the T1 modules that are typically used on those will be available too. (Otherwise, why bother?)

The new moon ores will be able to be mined with existing mining equipment, however moon ores will only be in asteroid belts created by a Refinery equipped with a Moon Drill Service Module, explained in this Moon mining revamped dev blog

@Dust_Tank-Driver As for the rest of your questions you’d have to wait for a dev blog to explain it in more detail. Some info was however revealed at EVE Vegas 2017, which you can read about on this 3rd party website here

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Great to know I’ll be able to mine moon ore. I was floored by the video for it. I’m a long-time fan of sci-fi, and it’s through games and other videos that I get to see just how awesome it could be. Movies though… far too many sci-fi movies are garbage, to the point where it would have been better off if they weren’t made in the first place.

As for the other stuff I’m fine waiting. It’s just cool to know I can mine moons.

Thanks for the reply.

I wish they’d give a detailed list of skills that are available. And which level… Ugh. I swear, it’s like they’re postponing the inevitable. Another year into the future, and now all Alpha clones can use T2 Large turrets for Battleships. Huzzah…


Neutering skills like this is like coming out of a surgery in a vegetative state. And the doctor told your family you’ll still be alive/fine. If we now get up to Medium turrets at T2… if we don’t get any other relative modules for such ship classes at T2… then it’s just insanely idiotic. No 10MN ABs on cruisers? Then piss off and forget it altogether… Seriously.

Please give us a list of skill levels before the update. So i don’t have to waste time logging in and realizing it’s just EVE Online - Joseph Stalin Clone Mode 2.0. The Second Tier of Tyranny!

I think it’s fair to say nothing more has been said so as to assure it’s not idiotic. There would be little point in allowing T2 Medium weapons if fitting, tanking and propulsion skills weren’t appropriately buffed also, and I think CCP would be patently aware of that.

The point may be to allow more options to fit a ship, while still having fairly narrow boundaries. Take a bite. You want everything - Omega.

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