Alpha and Ice mining skill

Uh, So I run down the list of new skills the alpha acc can use, It can get and train the ice mining skill and use the mining laser and the ice harvester BUT, The ships to use them are behind the omega wall?

Why give the skill if they cant use the ship that can use the skill in the first place?

Looks like some kind of oversight but i don’t know if ccp have commented yet.

Maybe they’ll get barge to l1, or maybe the skill will be removed from the list.

@CCP - Could we get an official response on this, please? Are alphas just being teased with the prospect of ice harvesting or is it an oversite and there will be some change to ships / access that will allow them to ice mine?

Sounds like it’s a very good way to entice a subscription. My vote, leave it how it is. Pay for (or plex) the game you enjoy.

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