Why offer Ice Harvesting?

I’ve been focusing on mining for a bit and with the new skills open to Alphas I saw Ice Harvesting and trained it to the Alpha max of level 2.

Then I discovered that the only ships capable of fitting the Ice Mining Lasers or Ice Harvesters cannot be piloted by Alphas.

So my question is why offer the Ice Harvesting Skill at all if Alphas are still unable to use it?

its a joke CCP stole from me tbh. Lets give alphas ice harvesting 2 but not barges because of how much they have cried and whined for them before.
Besides alphas shoudnt be allowed to get barges even then due to the fact its easy to get past the 1 alpha logged in at a time cap.

Or, you know, more likely it’s a smart decision to bait people into subbing and you had a lucky shot.

You might also allow for the possibility that CCP intends to let the Venture fit ice mining lasers but the ship rebalance wasn’t ready in time for the December release.

No guarantees but it makes as much sense as the other guesses!


Rubs my fly feet, or if we’re (indys), real lucky CCP will allow alphas to pilot expedition frigates thus raising the depression of price on them.

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