Ice mining lasers on venture? why not

The venture can mine gas in alpha state, and mine mercoxit in omega, but never ice…why not let alpha clones dabble with the tech 1 ice mining laser on the venture (low risk but low yield), and tech 2 with omega venture? Why not let the venture equip ice mining lasers at all, rather than only expedition frigates? A tech I to II venture is still a 2 - 10 mil investment but only has 1/3 the ore hold of an expedition frigate and no ice mining bonuses, how would this break or affect the ice mining minigame? Or enhance it? Would we see 20 man multiboxed tech 1 ice mining fleets? It wouldn’t make sense but this is Eve, so sure. Perhaps we would see many afk alpha ice mining ventures in high sec, maybe we should, but then they are everywhere anyway, free to gank, maybe even with better loot. It could enhance the new player experience in that they experience the drama of high sec ice mining fields much sooner, but with low risk and low reward, and get a sense of progression up the tech tree to a dedicated ice mining expedition frigates at high risk high yield.

Alphas. Give 'em an inch and they’ll take a mile. Having said that…no.

There is already more than enough competition in the ice anomalies as it is, with Omega players and their 15+ skiff and Orca fleets sucking up all the ice multiple times per day. Alphas can’t even have mining drones, much less ice miners. There is a reason Alphas are limited, because if they weren’t, everyone and their dog would have 1,000 Alpha accounts…

CCP put various restrictions in place for alphas in order to (1) limit the economic damage that botters can do, (2) limit the economic damage that players can do (for example, if alphas could do PI, there would be players with hundreds of alpha characters doing P.I.), and (3) give alpha’s some incentive to go omega.

Thus, most players are just going to tell you that if you want more, you should go omega, and support the game.

BTW, CCP is re-balancing mining ships. So, it’s possible that alpha miners might get more out of the deal. Of course, might also get less. I guess we’ll find out.
No P2W


I agree, high sec ice mining is often ludicrous, lots of bumping, ganking and drama, lots of big multiboxer ice mining fleets and that are hogging most of it…I can’t see a few ventures with tech 1 ice miners taking 30 minutes to fill their 5k hold making any kind of noticeable dent compared to these mega fleets. We aren’t allowed to operate more than 1 alpha account per computer(or maybe it’s isp) at a one time, at risk of ban.

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You can have as many Alpha accounts as you want, just not online at the same time…

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