Ice Mining for Alphas

I am curious if something was overlooked. The Ice mining skill was made available to Alphas. The Ice mining lasers can be purchased. Yet, there is no ship with which to use this. Were the “Expedition Frigates” going to be opened to Alpha?

I was hoping to finally be able to help my Corp on mining days.

The skill’s there as incentive to go omega. Alpha ice miners would cause an issue for the economy. We already have enough super safe multiboxers (and botters) who are omega. They’d switch to Alphas and would make it far worse. RMT would likely go up as well.

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lol, how would that be bad for the economy? Why is it relevant if an ice miner pays sub or not? I’m talking about the game, not CCP, I don’t care if they earn money.

Why do you think Alphas can not use barges? For shits and giggles?

because you can totally multibox alphas and be legal on one machine.

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Just because its against the EULA and CCP have tried to allow only one alpha client per machine does not mean that someone will not try and get around it.

My guess is that someone already has found a way of multi-boxing alpha’s.


If you’re ready to walk the distance to multibox for free, why not set up an SP farm? All the benefits of omega accounts and 100% legal.


It’s not an either/or. One can do both.

Yes, why indeed? In my opinion there is no issue alowing barges for alphas. They can’t even multibox

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You don’t know that people can, and will?

even if the masses don’t multibox, there would be tons of people who do’d mine ice for free. i don’t see how that’s a good idea. when all miners switch to alphas, lots of virtual resources would enter the game, without costing them anything.

you’re actually confusing me with this response…

I find the notion that some resources can or should only be accessible if a person pays a subscription completely absurd. And if you look at the reality that the miner has a limited need for SP and can actually get multiple omega mining chars for almost zero effort by extracting, that whole “they mine for free” becomes even more absurd.

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@Teckos_Pech !

I wrote “almost zero effort”, so I should be safe :smiley:


Yes because who cares if the company producing the game makes enough money to pay the people who create the game so that they don’t leave thus resulting in the game dying and people crying about how much time they invested in the game only to have the game go away.

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CCP is the one who should care about that and I’m sure they do. I however care about the game so I actually have a reason to continue to pay CCP for it.


Quoted for posterity.

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CCP stole my joke with that. “give alphas ice mining but dont give them barges to hear them be upset” and CCP being the madmen they are Actually did it.

How to go bankrupt 101

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Mabye you should quote the whole paragraph so you don’t fool yourself with the now distorted context.

You can’t legally multi-box alpha accounts…well you are not supposed too at any rate, and doing it in a great big group just sitting there…