Ice Mining for Alphas

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Hi…sorry I agree with Ima. Why risk the ban hammer and all your work when an SP farm once you’ve skilled up pretty much allows you to do the same thing without the risk of the ban hammer?

(Keno Skir) #22

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist. SP farming for Omega alts to multibox is much safer and more effective though.

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(edit: ack… forum malfunction, I was supposed to reply to the thread in general, not someone in specific…)

Why not allow ventures to fit ice mining lasers? with a 5k m3 ore hold, that’s not very easily scalable (you’ll be jettisoning the ice pretty much full time if you try a fleet of ventures) and, as was described, if you are willing to set up a PI+skills farm, you can get exhumers instead through plexing, so it’s not like it would break the economy.

If someone has a multi-box ice mining fleet, it is usually at least barges. Nobody with multiple legit accounts would use ventures. A bunch of ice mining ventures and an orca should be noticed fairly fast by other ice miners, who are a competitive enough bunch and would likely not hesitate to report them to get them out of “their” belts.

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You don’t.

No one forces the multiboxer to have all his Alphas at the same belt. The whole process can be done automatically, with chars logging on at different times spread throughout the whole day and an RMTer does not even need to consolidate all earnings onto a single account. He could run an infinite number of accounts spread throughout the cluster and day, and as long as CCP doesn’t catch the bot (which is possible), it’s an infinite money making machine.

I guess calling those guys multiboxers is wrong here.

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Right. If I log in an alpha in belt 1 in system X, then log out log in another alpha in belt 1 in system Y…what is the problem? That I am cutting down travel time maybe?

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Since when have you ever submitted full paragraphs?

Your quote says what it says.
You dont care if CCP earns, or not.

I will slap you hard with that quote someday, not that you dont provide plenty of opportunity for that with all the ■■■■■■■■ you post.

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Teckos, i’m talking big style here.

You set up a 32 core threadripper and 64gig of RAM (actually overkill but who cares) and can run, let’s say a low estimate, 64 clients per cpu, 2 per core at least. Sound turned off.

You have a bot, which does everything automatically, from logging in, mining, to logging out. You don’t use Windows, but Linux with WINE, which allows you greater freedom for hiding that it’s a bot, because you can modify everything that’s needed to uncover the bot. You modify WINE to avoid graphics output. That’s doable. All characters are configured to have their individual playtimes, two chars per core, pinned to the cores to have proper load spreading.

Now, i don’t know how to gather all the necessary IP addresses, but a friend of mine has three dozen, so that’s doable as well. I don’t know how that works, but i know it’s possible.

No matter the initial investment, it would pay off, because there’s no way for CCP to catch them all, if ever. i’m quite convinced that there are big scale RMTers with professional solutions, not the child’s play you find in typical botting forums.

Seriously, this is not an unsolvable problem.

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And if I had all the resources in the world I’d be king.

This is worrying about extreme situations which may happen, but I just don’t see it becoming such a thing as to completely wreck the in game economy. And CCP watches that stuff quite closely and if necessary they can nerf it.


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I know it is not en vogue to say that, but I really don’t care about CCPs money. That is their business. I’m not here to say them how they can charge more from their players. I’m here because I want to play a game which is entertaining and fun. If they don’t provide that then I’m no longer interested and they don’t get my money anymore. So I voice my opinion that it staid entertaining and fun for me and other players.

If I go to the shop to buy coffee, do I care about how that shop makes its money? Do I try to talk with the shop keeper how he can charge more money from his customers? No! No one would ever do that. Maybe you would, wound’t surprise me… anyway.

What I would talk to the shop keeper about is the products I’m interested in, so he has an idea what he has to put into the shop so he can keep me as his customer. Because if he does not have what I want I will find that stuff somewhere else.

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Yeah, but how is that not a problem for the economy if someone would do that with “almost free” omegas because of SP farms compared to alphas?

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Illustrative of how you dont care about the game, or anyone else in it.
Just yourself.
Its always about you, and what you want for yourself.

Not that this comes as a surprise to anyone.

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If the reason for this quote mining is that you want to demonstrate to everyone how dishonest you are during a discussion then it is actually working.

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Nice projecting.

Even if I or others subjected to your posting had 100 adjectives to describe your posting, “honest” would not be among them.

Fold out while you still have a crumb of dignity left.

You dont care about the game, or anyone else in it, just yourself.

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To be honest, I find the direction you’ve taken the forums and this thread with this idea to be pretty ugly.

There is no real purpose to cross quoting future threads with this thread other than to ad hominem attack in lieu of having a reasonable point to counter an argument in said future thread.

Even if a forum position Ima takes in the future is at odds with a forum position taken in the past, thats kind of what you’d expect when being persuaded by events or discussions, ie the actual purpose of a discussion forum.

Mining your posts for inconsistencies is also trivial, ie if I thought it reasonable to go back through your posting history to throw old positions back in your face, I think I’d find far more ammunition than I’d ever would hunting through Ima’s posts.

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Or a reasonable/rational person. It is actually a good thing if somebody says, “Whoops, crap I was wrong.” Gloating and gleefully posting about such a change is just…vulgar.

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Let’s flip on its head…does CCP care about my job, my income, etc.? Probably not. What they care about is getting my sub money or the money from my support for the PLEX market.

I don’t blame them, that is part of a world with anonymous exchange.

Conversely while I like the game and want it to be available…beyond what support I give now…yeah, that’s about it.

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Ima doesnt care if CCP earns money or not.
If you have a problem with that, or want to discuss that view, take it up with her.
Its her opinion, not mine.

Returning to topic:
Since Ice belts are all hardcoded to spawn only in specific systems and with a 2hr CD, Alpha Ice Miners may infact not have much deleterious impact. On the otherhand, it would reduce incentive to go Omega.

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Sounds like a lot of effort to me.

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Its ok, I dont care either.