Why can alphas train Ice miners?

(Markus Jameson) #1

They can only be fitted to expedition frigates which alphas can’t fly so (as they can’t ever use them).

So why can they train ice miners, it just seems like a (potential, if you train them) waste of skill points (granted not many, but still) to me, was this just not thought through or am I missing something?

(Quelza) #2

It was clearly a mistake.

But I like to think that it’s CCP’s cruel way of teaching new players to always check the requirements of the module/ship/skill they’re training towards before actually putting their training plan into action.

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(Markus Jameson) #3

Perhaps :smile:

(yellow parasol) #4

“Hey, ice mining really pays off, let’s see what i need to skill for this… WOOHOO, i can skill this for free and waste less cash before making dank isk! Awesome!”

(system) #5

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