I left the game


I’ve been playing the game since early May. Lost a lot, found new friends.

So I left the game, died at a gate with 8 players in low sec, what did they capture? 2.9 mill, and for what.

it is tedious to achieve anything with an Alpha Acc. The game is far too complex and I was at the beginning. My skills still need 57 days.


Ich spiele das Spiel seid Anfang Mai. Hatte vieles Verloren, neue Freunde gefunden.

So bin dann mal raus aus dem Spiel, an einem Gate mit 8 Spielern gestorben im low sec, was haben die erbeutet? 2.9 mill, und für was.

es ist mühsam mit einem Alpha Acc etwas zu erreichen. Das spiel ist viel zu komplex und ich stand am Anfang. Meine Skills brauchen noch 57 Tage.

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Sorry to hear EVE didn’t impress you. It’s an acquired taste.

Your expectations may have been unrealistic. Alpha accounts are only meant to ‘achieve’ a sufficient view of the game to decide if you want to pay for more access or not.

Your training time would have been cut in half if you had gone Omega. And you can actually achieve plenty with an Alpha account, you just need patience, planning, and effort.

Being caught in a low-sec gatecamp means you either broke Rule #1: “Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose” or you didn’t bother adequately researching the process of flying through low sec.

EVE isn’t easy, that’s kind of the point. Achieving anything, Alpha or Omega, takes time, research and effort. And often, seeking out the advice of others.

At any rate, best of luck with whatever you choose to do next.


So you left because you lost 2.9 mil, is what you’re saying.

Also, ignore the “alphas can’t make money, they’re second-rate players”. It’s simply not true.


last week:

120 million ISK and 80 million ISK lost.

Did it all over again, got 20 million ISK for free. 3 ships fetched and reequipped. and then there are 8 people at the gate, came from a different system. now I only have 3 million ISK again. rich get richer, alpha get poorer. I’ve only been playing the game since early May this year.

No more desire

letzte woche:

120 millionen ISK und 80 Millionen ISK verloren.

Noch mal alles von vorne gemacht, 20 Millionen ISK geschenkt bekommen. 3 Schiffe geholt und neu ausgerüstet. und dann stehen 8 Leute am Gate, kam aus einem anderen System. jetzt habe ich wieder nur noch 3 millionen ISK. reiche werden reicher, Alpha werden Ärmer. ich spiele das Spiel erst seid anfang Mai diesen Jahres.

Keine lust mehr

Well you didn’t do it on this character so there’s no way to check. Also if you been playing since may and you have 200 mil to lose then you haven’t done badly at all.

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Did you think you’d get control of a system by playing for free? LOL.

Smells of incompetence. It isn’t “far too complex” like it’s rocket science, you just have to work your brain a bit and inform yourself before you blindly ship up and jump head-first into dangerous territory.

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This kind of response is harmful to the growth of EVE.

EVE is a old game, with no real guidance. Yes there are materials and communities out there, but you only know what you know.

Calling new players incompetent is dumb and harmful, someone is not incompetent because they are inadequately trained… they are just inadequately trained.


Sollten Sie Eve noch einmal ausprobieren, treten Sie der Eve Uni oder einem Unternehmen mit einem soliden Ausbildungsprogramm für neue Spieler bei. Aufhören, ohne in eine solide soziale Erfahrung wie diese zu geraten, ist wie mit dem Schwimmen aufzuhören, nachdem man falsch Wasser getrunken hat.

Should you try Eve again, join Eve Uni or a corporation with a solid new player education program. Quitting without getting into a solid social experience like that is like quitting swimming after drinking water wrong.


In that case, maybe EVE wasn’t a game for you anyway. One of the main concept is failing (and losing stuff) in order to learn from it and do better next time, which also means that knowledge is much more important than skillpoints or Omega status.

Could you maybe post the lossmail in question so we can look at it? It should be on Zkillboard under your character’s name.

Also not everything is (and neither should be) done for a profit. These guys were probably sitting on a gate because they just like hunting people.

You left over a few hundred mil?

I’m still here.

Welcome to EVE! Also, sad to see you go.

They most likely didn’t kill you for the 2.9 million ISK, the killed you because they could. You were at the wrong place.

Low sec is adangerous place. In fact, all space in EVE is dangerous, but the space outside high security space even more so, especially at the edge of high sec space where traffic is high but where CONCORD, the space police, does not punish agressive acts.

If you are willing to face those dangers and have done your research (for example with the gatecamp checker that was linked earlier, recent kills in those systems, or scouting ahead in a cheap disposable shuttle) or are flying a ship that’s hard to catch, or a ship cheap enough that you don’t care that much about if it dies, then you could try exploring those more dangerous parts of space.

You clearly were not willing to face those dangers yet if you’re about to quit the game over losing a 2.9 million frigate, so why did you go to low sec? Why not stay in high sec a little while longer?

It can take a lot of planning and preparation to do anything in this game, that isn’t unique to Alpha accounts.

Planning and preparation is a big part of the game, and I like this game for that fact. Importing new ships, trying new strategies, endless tweaking of fits, research on enemies… it’s padt of what makes the game fun. To me, at least.

Also, 57 days isn’t a lot. I think I have several skillqueues of at least half a year, but I keep adding more skills to them so they keep growing. There is no end to training.

But if you wish to speed it up: Omega trains twice as fast.

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It’s not that the game isn’t for them, it’s that the game has failed to prepare them for loss or failed to teach them how to bounce back, or include loss as a part of growth. (Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.)

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I guess that’s when you learned about instadock bookmarks? That’s a harsh lesson. :sweat_smile:

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Nonsense, that’s up to the player. Don’t play victim.

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It’s not about being a victim, it’s about how systemically the game works to retain players.

It’s a pvp sandbox, that will always be the case. Doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it DOES mean that players need to learn and adapt.

You’re asking for a invested approach from players who are getting their ■■■■ kicked in/new players. Their not at the investment stage, they don’t know what the rewards are for doing so. Their feeling the game out and seeing if it is a worth while investment of their time. We need to provide awesome experiences and moments of shock and awe, give them gameplay loops and enable them to play catch up.

It’s okay to say adapt or die, so long as you don’t complain when there is no one to shoot.

z6fa4giltg971 (1)

Can I have your stuff? What’s left of it, I mean.

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Let me repeat: this is a pvp sandbox, it’s a niche game. I will ALWAYS lose 80+% of the new players because it’s too difficult, not to their liking, they don’t have a character to control etc etc etc etc. These days it’s actually easier than it used to be so don’t use some “I quit” thread to suit your personal bias and agenda.

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Eve is a teaching game. Many of us have found that the game can have a strange karma to it for those willing to learn from their mistake and to see what is around the next corner.

You will not find support on these forums from most. I understand that you associate progress in the game with your asset accumulation…consider that in Eve you may want to adjust that a little bit.