Alpha clone Exploration - don't see myself returning

When alpha was first announced, I was excited. I love EVE but I play a lot of games and paying $15 a month for a game I play once in a while was never going to work.

After I tried alpha, it was like meh… this is like a trial.

I got excited again with the alpha additional skills but looking at details, the tech2 weapons are cool (FW or RvB pvp) but still don’t see myself returning.

My staple was always exploration and there is no addition- Astrometrics 3, Hacking 3, Rangefinding 2. WTH.
You already have gated cloaking so no wormhole, low-sec or null-sec. But even for high sec exploration ,with these skills, this is worse than a trial. Even the old EVE trial didn’t limit these skills.

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My staple is day-trading in Jita, and guess what? Can you guess if the Alpha skills allow low tax trading with multiple orders?

I like courier contracts, guess what? Alpha limits to 1.

Love missions, but good luck doing L4’s for cash and standings when limited to cruisers (and one lousy battlecruiser) while Alpha.

Mining, I love mining! Alphas limited to the Venture.

So, yes, it’s like a trial. Designed to force you to pay to get access to the good stuff. All MMO’s do it this way. Go try any other one, you’ll see (and we’ll have some peace).

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… It is a trial. That’s what the alpha program is, extend trial to keep you engaged long enough to sub at some point.


You play for free. You threaten to leave for you feel limited in your gameplay.
Do you really want a full game for free? Or what is your actual suggestion to CCP? How do you think they pay the servers you play on for free, with happiness tokens? Well, it’s Iceland, but I’m afraid even there this won’t work.
If you play freeware games, you get freeware quality.


A friend of mine just bought his first 500 plex as an alpha with exploration. Took him 12 days.


NICE what did he get to sale that he did so good?

oh come on … please stop that in the forum …
you dont like alpha status? ok pay
you dont like to pay? ok GO!!

life is not free
CCP pays for servers
CCP pays for software
CCP pays for there employes
so now think please at least 15 sec how they should pay all this if you and all the others play for free
i dont want to see comercial breaks ingame “this hot pvp action is presentet bei SDFASSD” or "will he warp or die … all this after a short break"
you want that? go do it … open a company and do it … not a problem … if it works congrats but leave the champagn closed … it will not work

so pay or go

a pissed JuuR


Nullsec relic sites drop nice amount of salvage and valuable too

Nice, never got out to null, I figured the hacking would be too hard for an alpha.

Sometimes you blow a can up but you can get some nice cash even if you blow up one or two

Ahhhhhhh! That was my feeling after my last gamecrash in the middle of a PvP-battle last weekend! I’m about to buy a frecking new machine to avoid this, and that’s worth about 60 months of Eve…

Edit: Of course I died - before the crash he was alone and I was part of a fleet - after the “short break” vice versa. It’s heartwarming to hear the GTFO command on comms while restarting…

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I played for about 2 weeks as an alpha just before I resubbed. After playing around a little I settled on exploration due to the fact it seemed like as an alpha you would be able to do most everything. I also hadn’t done exploration in my earlier stints in Eve.

I basically took my probe through wormholes into null sec and scanned null sites. Never really had a problem. Blew up some cans when I failed but also took home a fair amount of intact armor-plates. I tended to look for unoccupied null sites… and if I ran into populated areas I ran back to the wormhole and found an exit somewhere else.

I didn’t see that much of a boost when I went omega. Yeah, I flew a Cheetah instead of a Probe and could hide rather than run and blew up fewer cans… but there didn’t seem like there was a ton of different. I don’t think there’s a need for an exploration buff.

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