Why i think alpha clones should be able to do a little bit of everything

Planetary - Interactions, Sience, these are just one of the few things alpha cannot do. Which is strange.
I would see the idea that an alpha shound’t be able to do these things so it wound’t achieve enough isk to plex its account everymonth, but this already happens.

Explorations and High Sec incursions are the first thing that comes to mid, there are already ways to plex your account from day one, so why not give new player a taste of everything before asking them to buy Omega.

It is not really a trial if someone cannot try

As someone who never subbed (and only PLEXed to train the expanded alpha skillset on my main) I can say: Give an inch and they'll take a mile. :facepalm: I was even satisfied by the original alpha limits before the expanded skillset was even introduced. Some people just know no bounds I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed with Uriel, Alpha can do plenty for a free account. Any Alpha can certainly access enough of the game to decide if it’s worth buying or not.

One good reason for limiting access to some areas like PI etc. are that they’re passive income. Passive income would be farmed on Alpha accounts like mad.

If CCP is allowing Alpha access it should primarily be to the sections of the game that are active and generate additional content for themselves and others.


You can make money out of everything as an Alpha if you know how.

Make money from P-I, enlighten me

I’m not saying you can’t, i’m saying you cannot tap into every aspect of the game

Thats dead easy.

I have a friend in a WH who does PI.

I ship it to Jita on my Alpha in an Epithal for 10% of its value in fees.


Alphas are “trial” accounts with no definite end.

They should be restricted. I thick CCP has been very generous with what they are allowed to do already.


lol saving this one for later


Very thicc!


Alphas are already getting a free trial lunch paid for by all us Omega players. It’s more than enough of a free lunch for them to decide if they like the restaurant and want to actually buy a meal. No, the free meal should not be expanded…that is taking the mickey out of all the paying customers.

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Nice try, OP.
Alas no. There’s no “all you can eat” free buffet before you make you up your mind if you’re going to pay for it next time.

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Alphas can pvp. Be critical t1 logistics in fleets. They can do Incursions/Top Level PVE.

Why Alphas can’t do indy? In my opinion it is a activity that is done best with multiple characters. Some may argue it can be done solo on 1 account.

Abyssal deadspace sites. WH combat sites.

They are not missing out on industry in EVE. It’s a very complex activity that needs real dedication to make money off of. By time a person is Curious about PI/Indy they should already have the basic foundation of PVE skills/PVP before throwing money into EVE. That’s how I see it progressing.

And there are PLENTY of guides on anything in EVE so any alpha can make an informed choice about Omega. EVE is a game really based on teaching yourself, researching established guides, and asking friends in game about various activities. What you put in EVE is what you get out. I hardly think letting Alphas do PI/Indy will make a world of difference.

who made this and why it’s hard enough trying to go to the next ship as an alpha and i feel like they should tell people that you can’t do that as an alpha as it took me a bit to get one and then find out i could not use it but I’m fine without it so chill dude

I never consented to altruism.

I got ganked out of a lunch.


Alphas cannot be given access to anything that generates passive income, else everyone and their dog would roll 1,000 free Alpha accounts…


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