Don't expect any new or returning players to stay for more than 10 days

I’m so confused. You started this ranting and raving with the following:

You have an older character which presumably is decently skilled up, but you made the conscious decision to start a new one anyway. And now you’re complaining that the new character will take time to train?

Also your reason for abandoning the old character is odd, since you can easily set your medical clone to your high sec system of origination, and self-destruct back.


The go mine somewhere else. Out in Kador region I see those ore anomalies up for days with no one mining in them, they eventually despawn.

Belt ratting hasn’t paid off since about 08. Go run some missions in your T1 frig while your skills train, if you can fly a cruiser you should be able to fly through those. The SOE arc is also a good way to get some isk and standings. It was meant to be done by new players.

this game has always been like that since inception. Hell, I remember when you had to train your training skills so you could train your other skills faster. There will always be something for you to train for and something out of your reach. That is part of the motivation of this game.

A poster above gave you some excellent advice about joining their mission running corp. That sounds like a great way to get some help in the game, have time to train your skills, and even earn some isk while doing all of that. In fact that is one of the first things I did in 06 when I started. I was flying a poorly fit Rifter with a corp mate running level 4s in his battleship.

This is an MMO, find some friends to play with. It will make your experience so much better.


Wikipedia definition:

A user error is an error made by the human user of a complex system, usually a computer system, in interacting with it.

It makes no difference if it is intentional or not. If the problem is the user and not the System or specific software the user who is using then it is a “user error”.

And as I said before, reading your little rant it must be you making mistakes. Since other people seem to be doing just fine.

All these things can make you money… even early on in the game, surely not at the same level as somebody with more wealth, experience and also skillpoints, but any new player can make more money than they can reasonably spend (If they do it correctly).

And I am just going to ignore the rest of your reply, since i cba to help people with a shitty attitude, I rather use the time to explain things to people who are actually interested in learning.


This is one MMO that I never would understand starting over with.

There are some games where the progression is important. not to mention you can grind back up quickly if you wanted.

EVE not so much. Progression is just not the same.

Um, no. You came here complaining, blaming everything but yourself for things not going your way. We call this forum whining, and many of the regular forum users have little tolerance for it. Well, no one likes a complainer, the difference is that Eve players won’t secretly judge you -they’ll do it openly.

Now, with that out of the way. Eve isn’t the most accessible game (which you should already know). You could try to figure it out on your own, but progress will be slow and painful. Or, you could try to make your life easier by tapping into the player base’s collective knowledge. You could watch youtube videos, read articles, join a corp that will share fits and guides, and so on. Yes, this will require some upfront effort, but it will pay dividends over the long term.

If you have questions on what are some of the best ways to make money, or how to deal with a particular challenge, ask. We’ll gladly help. Just don’t expect any sympathy if all you’re going to do is complain. You won’t find that here.

Also, if you have a bunch of SP on your main, you should probably play on him. You could either make your money out in null, or you could leave that corp so that you don’t have to deal with constant war decs in HS (fyi, you can no longer declare war against any corp/alliance that doesn’t have a structure).



not constructive anything, just whingeing.

You have a terrible attitude and blame everything and everyone but yourself for the slightest adversity.


look almost 900 million worth of LP

in a t1 frig that cost 10 million fited
but… but… you must do high end stuff in any way accessible without tons of SKILLLLLLSSSS

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You didn’t have a jump clone in Hisec or even Lowsec at all?

Wardecs don’t scare me, only Code scares me.

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lol why code scares you?

i mean they are well-intentioned boys trying to spread some kind of word that would make high sec better
like the mormons or something


Oh No… no… we can’t say anything bad about them, they lurking./

Okay so I do feel that they do make some sort of impression on new pilots and within their first 10 days of game play to a certain extent.

Would you agree?


I own two active permits on this character alone and even still I will dock up and hide when one is seen in local. I mean I am less scared to autopilot through nul.

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i live in low so i don’t know much about them but for what i heard this guy
wrote some kind of Himalayan code to make high sec safer and free of bots
and some guys work as volunteer spreading the word for the sake of improving the game

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is OP gone yet?

not everyone is cut out for EVE, better to figure it out sooner than later so you can go do something you enjoy with your life instead of salting over a video game


Hello, I am Elder Xeux and I would like to talk to you about the good news . . .


James saves, with the Gallente Investment Bank.


Never tried this myself, but would it work ?

  1. Put all your null-sec stuff into Asset Safety, or sell it.
  2. Resign from your null-sec corporation, joining an NPC one by default instead.
  3. Use your once-a-year ‘Remote Home Selection’ to set your home to a hi-sec NPC station.
  4. Use a clone-bay to self-destruct, or just fly out and self-destruct in space.
  5. Sit back and enjoy the (entirely illusory) feeling of safety you get from being in hi-sec.
    … and/or …
    Use skill-extractors on your old character, then inject those skill-points into the new one for the training you’re missing.
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It still is.

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You come from Nul Sec to mine in a Venture?

Yes I know mining is life in New Eden, don’t trust me trust your past, trust what you already knew about the game.

Yes, you extracted skills from your main that you had left inside a Corp/Alliance to restart. How many were you able to extract?

If I were you I would try to pull that Character out of the situation it was left in over all that time you had been away. If you still have access to that account etc?

You don’t need a billion plex to start a trade monopoly. Some advice. write down your plan what you wish to do within your given play time and set out options that you are able to do that would make your game time worth your effort in login in.

Sorry for the pain you are going through.
Fly safe and make sure to save 10million isk for a mining permit asap or you will have more than NPC trigs ganking you,

Low sec relic and data exploration should yield about 50m/hr for a decent explorer, 100-150m/hr for a good combat explorer.

Null sec exploration makes more isk, so naturally you’ll encounter more explorers. Either choose low sec with less competition, or null sec. Can’t have the best of both worlds.

Use filaments, wormholes, or an explo-interceptor to bypass gate camps.

Wormhole relic and data sites are just as valuable as null sec. More isk = more competition.

I was prepared to address the other points, but I can only digest so much salt.


The only downside of using filaments I find is getting your loot out.

As a new player you don’t NEED much isk, you lack the knowledge and experience to make use of it. Even if I had a bunch of money when I started I wouldn’t have known what to buy with it. So what you’re doing is applying non-newbie knowledge and understanding and THEN start a new character going “well this sucks, I can’t Plex on the third day”.

That’s unfair to the game, unrealistic and actually disengenuous.