Serious New Player question


I’ve been sitting in the back for a while now, watching and reading about EVE online but never actually played it.

Now I’m thinking about finally start to play as an Alpha account to begin with.

But I have a few concerns.

Is the game starting to die out? Am I somewhat forced to have atleast 2-3 accounts to even be slightly successful?

As a alpha clone, will I be able to get anywhere in the game at all? Or is it just like being on a infinite tutorial island? What I mean by that is, will I be able to join bigger corps than the starter ones? And be able to participate in Corp vs Corp warfare.

Is it even possible to make enough in game money to get by? As an alpha. Considering the restrictions on skill training.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and possibly answering my questions.

Alpha is meant more as a trial period, and you are severely restricted in what you can do and how much you can earn as a result. Yes, people can be successful and get by as alphas. But it is significantly harder and this is both necessary and intended.

As someone who plays with a single character at present but used to multibox, I’ve learned that there are some things that are better (no real worries about PLEXing tons of accounts and thus lower stress) and some things that are worse (harder to scout for yourself, etc). If you only want to play a single character you should consider going Omega and hooking up with a supportive corp that will cover you. It will make your game experience a lot better.

Always. :smile:

This would entirely depend on what you want to do. And you cannot really know that until you’ve tried the game. A second account for scouting, for example, may be desirable to do some things solo, but you’ll be fine with a single account if you fly with others.

You’ll be limited in the ships you may fly, but it’s not an “infinite tutorial island”. There is no in game restriction to the ability to join corps as alpha, for example. It’s more a matter of the corp you want to join accepting alpha pilots, but most do.


I’m not sure I understand this, tbh. Why do you feel the need to know the answer to those questions before trying the game for free? Why would you not just try it and see for yourself? What are you afraid of? I don’t get it.

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I agree with Knowledgeminer
eve is a sandbox where everybody builds his own experience
just log in, and start playing, find the activities you like, the place where you want to be etc
dive in the swimming pool, even if you dont know how to swim

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You can have a crapton™ of fun as an alpha, just give it a go, “do all the things” and keep it varied. When ur ready u’ll know if it’s time to go Omega. Drop me an in-game mail if you have any questions.

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I’m currently alpha, but plan to go omega eventually. I am still having fun playing alpha.

I’m waiting until 1) I have more time away from IRL commitments, and 2) I’ve skilled up enough basic skills while still f2p so that when I go omega, I can focus on more important omega-only skills.