Haven't played since 2009! Qs about Raven, Exhumer, tutorials, COVID

Hi all,

Judging from my in-game mails, I joined EVE at launch time around 2003 and last played in 2009. I subscribed for quite a while, in fact. I was in a small corporation, mostly high-sec. I own a Raven, an Exhumer, and about 1000 shuttles, or so it seems. I’m not sure why I have so many shuttles. I do have a couple newbish alts, one of whom has more isk than I do for some reason. My main has only about 5M isk. Some questions:

  1. Are my Raven and Exhumer still useful ships? I can’t even fly the Exhumer without going Omega. Apparently I can fly the Raven, but I’m too scared to undock, as I have no idea what I’m doing any more. Maybe I should practice flying around in this “free corvette” the UI mentions?

  2. I’d like to run through the tutorials on my main again, but I’m nowhere near the starting systems. Is it worth doing this? Should I just use one of my alts for it?

  3. I’ve read and re-read the blog posts on the Project Discovery COVID mini-game, and I certainly love the idea of it. Is it really helpful to real-world scientists? Also, is there a way to slice a polygon exactly in half? Whenever I try to do that I just get two overlapping polygons. But one of the CCP blog posts talks about “mirroring” your polygon and such. I don’t know how to do this.

  4. Any suggestions on what I should do to get back up to speed? I’d rather stay alpha for a bit before deciding whether I want to resubscribe.

Many thanks in advance.

You have any free character slots on your account? Make random alt and run tutorial on it. It will help you to remember basics again.

In this case, you should indeed start a new Char. This way you are directly in a starter system and finish some career missions. I’m pretty sure you will get used to the game quite fast again, and then subscribing again is no problem.

Thanks for your replies. I have two alts, neither of whom is in a starter system. I have no idea whether I have room for a third alt, but I guess I’ll try creating one? Or I suppose I could travel with one of my alts to a starter system, but I’m not sure where they are.

Just make another account. Use another email and set up another account. And you can send yourself a referral link from one account to the other to get some free sp.

As far as Raven, it’s a good L4 ship. I use it extensively when running missions to help people raise their standings

This is not necessary, you can create multiple accounts for the same e-mail address.

This is recommended. so you have directly 1M SP (have to look under gift box)

Many thanks for all the advice. I’ll try running the tutorial with a newbish character. I didn’t know that about the gift of skill points. My main has a lot of unused skill points. He can’t train many skills further unless I become Omega.

Eventually I’ll probably do some PvP, but for starters I’d like to focus on PvE to re-learn the game. I’m pleased to see that there are more PvE activities now. What are the easiest ones to start with? I dimly recall trying Exploration before I went on hiatus. I don’t remember anything about hacking, abyssals, or this interesting Discovery mini-game, which I’m enjoying. I guess there’s always mining, but I can’t use my Exhumer unless I go Omega. I remember that ship was my mining pride and joy, heh.

Don’t look to far off. Learn basics again and then set up your goal based on what you will enjoy. Doing all tutorials, career agents and SOE epic arc. Will probably take you day or two. After that you should have some idea what you want to do next.

You mentioned PvP. So I suggest taking look at abyss. It’s more demanding type of PvE and people say it can give some basic ide of PvP combat.

Best advice I can give you is to scale your goals. There is noting bad in wanting to become mogul or one of best PvP players out there. But road for such success is hard and long. Split it into smaller steps. So you have something to pursue each day, week, months. Either be it making your first milion of isk, buying ship you like for first time or getting your first PvP kill.
It’s sandbox, you decide what to do and how to do it. Making your own small steps will help you to not burn out and not get lost in grinding process.

Also, try different things. It will help to understand all aspects of the game. Maybe you don’t want to be trader, miner or industrialist. But at lest trying out this professions and learning basics of them will give you knowledge that you can use for your advantage.

Thanks for your reply. My alt ran through the tutorials, and now my main is doing the career agents. I’ll follow your suggestion to sample all the careers. That should be fun. I still have a ton of questions if any of you have the time and patience to answer.

  1. I gather clone upgrades are no longer a thing? If my ship is destroyed and someone destroys my pod, I don’t lose any skill points? If so, I like that change – it will make me more willing to take risks.

  2. Along the same lines, I dimly recall having bought some clone augmentations (implants?). I’m not even sure what they are, or whether I still have them; I see some sort of ‘basic’ things on my character sheet, but I recall spending serious isk on some. Anyway, I gather those still get destroyed if my pod is destroyed? To reduce the risk of that, I can make a jump clone with no implants at all, or cheaper ones?

  3. Everyone says not to use auto-pilot. That’s because it dumps you 15 km or so from each gate, rather than warping right to the gate, yes?

  4. I’ve been reading and watching videos about directional scans (D-scans). I gather D-scans can show me nearby players who would not otherwise show up on the General Overview or on the system map. But very close players do show up on the Overview, don’t they? What’s the Overview’s range limit for seeing players? I’m trying to figure out what D-scans show that the General Overview doesn’t. I can be attacked from a range further than this? How long are the longest-range weapons, anyway?

  5. It looks like my main can’t train at all unless I get an Omega account, as I have much more than 5m skill points on my main. Or unless I buy an injector thing, which costs more than all the cash I have on hand. That’s how it works, yes? My alts can still train, but I’m not as interested in playing them.

Thanks for all the help. You guys are great.

  1. No you no longer lose SP on kill. You would lose random subsystem skill level when killed in T3 Cruiser. But I think even this was changed.

  2. Implants are still a thing. Same as jump clones. Each clone can have different set of implants. And yes, implants are destroyed when pod is destroyed. Also, once installed you can remove implants. Only destroy them.

  3. Yes. You paying for convenience with your safety. I won’t say, never use it. But use it only when you really understand risk and if you can afford to lose ship. If you aren’t profitable ganking target. You should be safe. But there are people that will gank your for fun. You just need to know what risks you are taking. And you will learn more about ganking with time It’s not as big issue in first days when you fly small and cheap ships.

  4. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Directional_scanning and https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Grid

  5. Alpha character accumulate SP over time until it will hit 5 mil SP. After that amount you can’t train skills “normal” way and must use injectors. Either normal ones or daily alpha injectors.

You say, you have much more than 5 mil SP. Some skills changed over the years, but I guess you have basics covered and don’t really need to train skills until you start specializing and will find your own thing to do.

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Still a thing on losing a subsystem skill for T3C loss

So, CCP fixed “bug”?

@Lis_Torin Thanks for your thorough replies. I appreciate the help!

I made a jump clone that has my implants in it, so now I’m flying around “naked” with no implants at all. Is there a way to insure implants?

Also, what does it mean to lose a “subsystem” skill? A skill relating to shields or armor or something? And why is it limited to T3 cruisers – not battleships or frigates or whatnot?

  1. no you cannot insure implants. When you get an advantage, usually, you have to trade it versus somthing bad. Here: the cost of the implants loss if you get killed

  2. maybe google “eve + T3c” ?
    Strategic Cruisers - EVE University Wiki
    "Every subsystem has an associated skill. If you lose a Strategic Cruiser, you will lose one level of your racial subsystem skill at random (note that this is the only way to lose skill points in the game). "

  3. why is it limited to T3cs? because it is the disadvantage that is the counterpart of using t3cs, ships which are very versatile, that you can refit on purpose, including changing the rigs without loosing them,…
    Why not on other ships? because they are not considered as powerful as t3cs.

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Thanks for your reply. That’s very helpful. I appreciate your taking the time to reply.

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