Restart the first tutorial from the beginning

Hi, how do you restart the initial tutorial from the beginning?

Make a free Alpha Clone character and go through them again?

I definitely completed the tutorial when I first started, yet it’s giving me the option to do it again, if I want to, through the Agency panel. Maybe it’s also available for you there too?

I’ve got the same question. The second mission is actually bugging out and won’t start.
I’m now stuck with parts of my interface not working.
Need to fully reset the tutorial so I can actually play again.

if the mission itself is bugged out, you can submit a ticket in game, F12 and they’ll reset it if its bugged.

If the UI is missing in the tutorial and ctrl-F9 doesn’t solve it then click the question mark next to the mission info and select to cancel the tutorial. That gives back the UI.

You can redo the tutorial, although it’s really basic so if you know how to move and shoot you don’t need it, by opening the agency and selecting tutorial.

If you want to skip the basic stuff and move on then from the agency select agents&missions and go to career agents.

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