Is there a way to reset tutorials and start from the beginning?

As a casual player started playing long time ago. Took off for a few years, played again using the new tutorial since I forgot how to fly and do everything. Played a few months, then stopped again for a few years.
Now I need to learn to fly and control a ship again, just can’t figure out how to do it - can’t seem to find a new tutorial. As I said am a casual player and even now will only play intermittently. I do enjoy the game when I can play, each “on” period had great moments, but real life gets in the way too much.
Anyhooo… I wouldn’t mind flying again - but don’t see how I can do that - other than maybe deleting one of the 3 toons and creating a new one to start the tutorial arc again. Will that work?

No idea how to reset anything, but you could create a new account, make a new alpha character, and do the tutorials on that char.

It depends on how many skills you have on your chars.
If you use this link to create a new char, your new char will get 1 million skill points for free. And new characters, who are starting now, already get much more skills learned and ready to use, than few years before. So if you characters are rather undeveloped ( defenetly if they have < 1 milion skill points), it is better to biomass them and create a new one with hte link I gave you.
But if you have few milions skill points learned, you can just fly to any starter agent and take mission sfrom them. For example school in Couster is a nice place to relearn everything. Calm, with good market, plenty of people to socialize with. If you already started there years before you can choose Trossere or any other rokie system. Every faction has 3 of such kind.

You can run the new tutorial if you haven’t already done so. Open the agency and select the tutorial tab.

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