Devblog: Community Fittings now available in the EVE Online client

I’m sorry, I didn’t specifically mean the community fits had rigs that were more expensive than the ship, I ham-fisted my wording. Veterans usually told me not to fit rigs ( or modules ) that were more expensive than the ship.

I wish it were that simple. I’m talking things like a EM/Thermal tanked ravens/rattles/golems. One galante pilot even though they could shield tank a dominx with one, because they had 0 armour skills. I had no idea how that happened, then found out they shield tanked everything because stations charge for amor repairs and shield was free.

Their bonus profiles are similar enough that it seems the choice will be made either on hardcore RP principals or gravitation to ones with specific slot layouts. The gallante/amar ships get +1 low slot for stabs ( magnates with 4 stabs are loved in relic sites as much as they are in fw sites ) or more mids ( caldari/minmatar) for scan boost.

The SOC ships just feel like they’re more optimal choices, despite lacking role specificity.

its frustrating that as a scanning platform going from Frigate V in a T1 to Covert I T2 always results in a loss of scanning power until Covert IV.

For rolling holes or for PvP? Some fits aren’t going to make sense to everyone, especially those early in their eve career.

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Laser fit ravens lol. Haven’t seen that meme in a very long time.

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Gosh it’s so hard to learn to read atributes of a ship and figure out its porpoise. No matter how much hand holding you’ll implement you can’t fix people being stupid.

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I’m not sure if this is within the purview of the community fittings, but a charges tooltip would help. We spend time in IA chat explaining different ammo often. Not all newbies know to open cargo and add the ammo/scripts/probes until we tell them.

Arbitrator/Tech I Cruiser/Beam Laser -> Frequency Crystals

Asking others IS part of research…
— Gadget always cooperates with her peers… even when they’re wrong

By the way, we need that red X back on the drones that can’t be used due to skills.


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