Ship fitting and theory crafting?

I’m having some bit of trouble on fits for my ships. What is a good resource on basic theory craft for ship fitting? Like should I be building for armor for a certain ship and how so I know. Stuff like like. I’m flying an Algos right now and while it’s not horrible I know it can be better. I’m just unsure of ( I guess the basic principles ) how to improve it. Thanks in advance!

I wouldn’t say is a good resource but it seem people often pull it from their asses.

Seriously now, is mostly a matter of “we try things, some even work”. With experience you become quicker to figure out things that don’t work and why, which give more time to try things that actually work.
There is also coping, like when you look at workbench or zkillboard for what people are using or just ask for suggestions in the forum for PVP or PVE fittings. (mind you, Sturgeon’s law may apply).

Basically, the process is as follows:

  1. Come up with a fitting/improvement
  2. simulate it
  3. test it
  4. go back to 1
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A good starter…

So much depends on the ship and what you’re using it for.

An exploration/hacking ship will be fitted a lot differently than a heavy combat ship which would be different than a close in brawler (e.g. assault frigate).

As mentioned above, the workbench is a good starting point for fit examples.

And be sure to use all the ship’s bonuses to your advantage. Makes a BIG difference, even if you have to wait a while to get to the higher skill levels.

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