Community experiment. Why the attitude?

I think this age-old wisdom applies: If you meet one asshole, they’re probably an asshole. If all you meet are assholes, you’re probably the asshole. I recall seeing a forum thread where some guy wanted to know why he got CONCORDed when he ECM bursted his allies. He was under the impression that it broke target locks on the affected ships, not the target locks of the affected ships. After the proper use of the burst jammer was explained to him, he got all huffy and started demanding that CCP change the module to do what he thought it should do. Needless to say the responses to him became much more negative.

Also post with your main coward.

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Some/most people pay too much attention to attitude. Communication is not that easy and cutting people some slack can go a long way.

People also forget to flag posts and instead post some inflammatory reaction. Its in the ... overflow

Most people are only taught how to read and speak words which is not the same as being taught how to communicate :slight_smile:

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Weird statements. Why should people be sheltered in some spaces from what makes EVE the game and experience that it is and should be?

Most of the time, the attitude is the result of “newbies” not putting in a little bit of effort themselves. Instead of first researching their question or problem by themselves and coming up with answers (which is very easy for most of the questions a newbie could possibly have), they come directly to chats and ask the same question over and over again. No wonder that people use their laziness and ineptitude to help themselves first with mundane, easy to research problems or questions before asking others for help.

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Imo highsec being an island of relative safety among other things creates hygge which is what draws most people to the game. its hyggelig in highsec.

But the hygge is also what CCP is undermining and when you encounter attitudes in the chat it also undermines the hygge. I wonder if it can be better.

Its possible that rookie chat should not exist.

High sec is not all fun and hygge as many people make it look like. Since most people there are unaffiliated with each other, unlike in low and null which necessitate strict organization and space compartmentalization, you never really know if the guy next to you in local is friendly or brings the Catalysts or Tornados to your neighborhood a few minutes later.

Rookie Chat doesn’t need to be abolished. People need to grow a thicker skin and expect the EVE experience that they signed up for. There is no point in separating them from it if they ever want to do stuff outside of such a theoretical bubble.

Funny anecdote: A few days ago I was doing stuff in Delve again and a Goonie called out our attitude and rude behavior. What has EVE come to when a Goon cries in local about being unfairly attacked and bantered with in local. :joy:

I have never been to Delve. Would love to go one day.

But what if rookie chat is part of the reason people don’t grow thicker skin or it takes longer. You can argue it disincentivizes strict organization and space compartmentalization.

I’m not the brightest detective, but this attitude might be why you keep consistently encountering people behaving negatively to you.


Who said he was constantly encountering people that was negative toward him?

He did, literally the prior sentences:

Before you say „Well he didn’t literally say ‚TO HIM‘ so you’re wrong“ please take your Reddit brain elsewhere.

You are assuming things and making strawmen. That is very much a reddit thing? So maybe you go :slight_smile:

No you can’t. Your whole post has been turned irrelevant by this self-proclaimed magical foresight.

Fact is, you do not know anything about the other players, their reasons and motivations.

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In some (in)famous cases, CCP very openly supports and advertices behaviours that would get you banned in most other games, too.

How many new players has the new FW created? In less then two weeks, CCP had to errata their terms of service and declare farming your newly created alts for killmails and LP an abuse, because it was so common that CCP couldn’t even pretend not to notice any more.

EVE has quite a history of capsuleers being created to do noob activies for a short time, and then biomassed, be it for the FW farm now, the SoE epic arc toons before, or the suicide thrasher alts that are more bothersome to fix security standings then to biomass and recreate.

Im curious about an example of this

Alt usage, in most games, gets you banned. In eve, CCP claims it’s the right way to play the game and gives subsidies to alt account subscriptions.

Im trying to think of a game where alt usage is against the rules. Alt usage is also not very specific term tbh. But it is what it is.

Reading. It’s what’s good for you.

I’m fine with the OP’s post, it’s perfectly normal to want to vent a bit when you get an overdose of snark in one day. As you say however, there’s more to communication than just the words typed. There’s tone, intent, and delivery, all of which don’t come through very well, or are easily misinterpreted, when all you’ve got is words on a screen.

The OP’s post could easily have been interpreted by someone not giving the benefit of the doubt as:

"EVE players are a bunch of snotty shut-in incels.

You geeks aren’t as hot as you think you are.

I’m upset, and whatever upsets me interferes with “growing the community”.

For the good of the game, I want the people who annoy me kicked out of chat.

You dickheads are making me very angry."

It’s not terribly surprising that 3/4 of the responses he got are negative, particularly considering that EVE is very much not positioned as the Mr. Nice Guy of MMO games. The forums have more than their share of malcontents looking for an argument.

At any rate, Rookie Help isn’t going to become a haven for the hapless to have their hurts tended any time soon. Anyone in EVE can pretty much expect a hefty dose of salt with their sugar, whatever the venue. People can either learn coping strategies and situation re-framing to deal with it, leave, or be miserable.

At least we still have freedom of choice.

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Is CCP handing out free cowards in the daily rewards now ? Apparently for 10,000 Evermarks you can get a comma.

( a good deal of ‘snotty’ is just humour. People are offended by everything these days )

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