So how about those ISD?

It’s that time again where I whine about how there aren’t any ISD in the rookie/help channels to keep it all at least somewhat on topic. There is the occasional GM who just peeks in, says hi and then goes silent again.

CCP you need to treat your newbies better and perhaps you need to rethink how you treat your ISD volunteers because right now there aren’t any.

So are you volunteering then?

I am not an ISD or GM but when playing Eve I keep the rookie help channel open. Sometimes I even have my own questions, but the main reason I stay in there is because I sincerely enjoy watching new players discover Eve Online for the very first time.

As Nevyn said if you think there should be another helpful voice in there, then where are you? Just because your name isn’t blue doesn’t mean you can’t help out. That is kind of your job if you’re gonna hang out in there. Part of volunteering means being that voice that keeps the conversation productive, and flowing.

Instead here you are complaining on the forums, adding more noise to the problem, rather than your own answers

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Hello, you can apply to be a member of ISD here!

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I’ve been in rookie, helping newbies, for well over a decade. That’s not the issue.

I don’t feel the need to have “power”, have coloured text. Heck I don’t even WANT it because it forces me into PC & official answers which more often than not don’t actually help said newbie or at the very least not enough.

Being on your ISD account also means you can’t be online on any of your normal accounts at that same time. Why would I agree to that, to me there are only downsides to being ISD. Note that I’m not pointing at the ISD for this situation, it’s solely CCP’s “fault”.

It was stated they had ISD in training, and then more training. For months. There’s very little to show for and the only ones who can change that is CCP.

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For CCP to change that they need volunteers.
I don’t see any way they can relax the restrictions on ISD account use either. If you give people power it has to be controlled. Or we end up back in the Aurora scandal days again.

Very much. However the reality is that if there’s not enough volunteers that apply nor after training actually become ISD, they can’t just sit back and go “see, we tried” and leave it at that. We KNOW that CCP is horrible at marketing but they really do need to look into ways to entice more people to apply and then become ISD.

To give you an idea, I asked about the ability to only log in an ISD account in case of fire allowing the player to just do his own thing until there’s a clear need for “policing”. Apparently not possible and to a degree I can understand why but at the same time it’s a deal breaker for most folks. This is just an example of course.

HOW to solve this? No idea, that isn’t up to me if only because everyone has different reasons and I can only speak for myself. It’s also not my job: I already do MORE than my fair share when it comes to helping newbies and with me several other regulars. We shouldn’t also have to play mum&dad over CCP when it comes to hiring & filling positions.

We aren’t though.
CCP clearly are advertising the positions, the information is right here in this thread also.
If we want to complain about it we need to be offering solutions, not just problems, especially given you are saying you don’t even want to do the roll yourself but expecting others to do it for you instead.

They’re not, and it’s only linked here because there’s a thread about it. Doesn’t count. I don’t blame ISD, or ISD wannabe’s for not wanting to apply. I blame CCP.

The proof is in the pudding: there are little to no ISD and the ones that were “in training” for so many months are nowhere to be seen. WHY that is can pretty much be 3 things, none of which are within the power of normal players. It’s up to CCP to assess and adjust.

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