Where are the ISD you promised us!

When Guard left some other stuff happened as well, one of the results of that was having WAY less ISD in the rookie/help channels who’s main job it is to keep the trolls and spammers in check, somewhat.

I made a thread about it back then and got told & promised that they were “hiring” and training new ISD. A few months later we were told that “no really, they’re being trained right now” (as if training ISD takes several months).

Now, many many more months down the line: Where are the ISD?

You make really cool twitch appearances about how to improve new player retention but so far it’s all just talk (and talk you’ve used before which lead to nothing) and you can’t even get this basic thing right.


I’m still mad that Guard is gone. He was the most likable of the CCP faces. Seemed like a genuinely fun guy.

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While I cannot comment on the hiring process and procedure, I can comment on the training. Specifically, the STAR team. There is no set time to when a new ISD is “unleashed” They are trained till they are ready. For some people, this can take several months. It is a very involved process.


Come on now, that has nothing to do with it.

ISD need increased sensitivity so they can be offended easier this can take months to learn. They also need to learn how to censorship with black mark-out pens and have huge delete buttons inserted onto there keyboards. plus CCP needs to make new weird names available for new ISD’s


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Well, we have now GM’s in help chats almost everyday.
But yes. Number of ISD seams to be very low and I can’t remember new faces for a long time.

Funny, it said there were two replies but I only saw one. Then I noticed yours, being blocked.

I, and probably many others, blocked you for the same reason the ISD “censor” your posts. Meaning it’s not them, it’s you.

Should be named ICD - Interstellar Censorship Department.

The rules are simple, obvious and not restrictive at all. If one behaves in a normal manner the chances of running into trouble are really really low.

Flagging comes from players, ISD actually acting on those flags (or own their own) is something different.

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Hello! I’m just going to clarify a few things here, in two points.

First, new ISD take time to train. If we were to just shove them out with no training, it’d be like shoving them out onto an open firing range. Obviously, that’s not in our best interest, and it’s not in yours either. So, when they are ready, we’ll introduce them to the community, just as we’ve done before. Just give it time, thanks!

Secondly, if posts are flagged by the community, that’s a result of someone besides ISD flagging the post for review. ISD will never censor a post unless it violates the community rules, which you can find right here. The only time a post will get removed by ISD is if it violates those rules. Hopefully that clears it up a bit.

Since these sorts of threads tend to go fairly bad fairly fast, I’m going to close it for now.