Welcome to MyEVE

The forum category for discussion and sharing of player made EVE videos, guides, resources and more.

There’s a few basic rules for acceptable content on this forum category, please read and follow them.

  1. Background music - Background music should be chosen so it doesn’t contain profanity, or contains very few profanity words. We understand that a lot of music does contain profanity, but some music revolve around it and will not be allowed, a few naughty words are okay though.
  2. Recordings and sound effects - Recordings of for example teamspeak conversations and other forms of sound effects may not contain excessive profanity, if you are able to bleep out most of the profanity you may use it.
  3. Text - Text may not contain excessive profanity. However, you may use masked profanity in the same way as it is used on the forums. For example, f**k is permitted to be used in videos. You can also replace profanity using comic style symbols, like F#%K.
  4. Warnings - For videos that does contain some profanity, or similar, we expect you to put up a warning to make people aware before they view it.

Please be aware that your videos are to be in no way affiliated with CCP, other than including footage from EVE. All credit goes to the creator.

If you have a clip you feel would be great to be featured on official social media, send us an email to share@eveonline.com. Include a title, description, URL to the file and a the name you want credited for the work.