How do people get permission to use EVE videos?

I would like to use some clips of videos from the official CCP Games YouTube channel.

Here is an example EVE Online: Amarr Hangar - YouTube

We’re making a new story about simulations and want to use the clips as b-roll when our script refers to futuristic topics.

After searching for about an hour for information, such as for who to contact at CCP about this, I haven’t found anything except a couple of old forum posts and other pages on the CCP website referring to an official Public Media Library which appears to no longer exist.

If anyone can help point me in the right direction I would appreciate the help.

Thank you, and clear skies.

I should probably mention that we will be publishing our final video on YouTube, but our channel and videos are not monetized, and never will be, so we are essentially a “non-profit”.

Also, we always fully credit any video sources both on the video itself and in the description.

Maybe try reaching CCP directly? Like through their e-maill address stated on their website or make a support ticket and ask there so the GMs can forward your question or tell you how to reach CCP.

Pretty sure its covered under fair use


The only way to be certain is to go to court. It is impossible to determine ahead of time.

OP, I recommend reaching out to or or both. And once you find the right path, maybe share it here and pay it forward. :slight_smile:

Long shot but @CCP_Swift could you forward this problem to the right person: the “public media library” link in the EVE Online Content Creation Terms of Use - EVE Community is marked by as being harmful so the library has effectively disappeared. It used to be

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I think I speak for many when I say I want to see this live streamed on youtube and then shorts until I fall asleep and the phone smashes me in the face.

I doubt CCP will care as long as you don’t present them in a bad light or creative a negative brand association, like using it as b-roll in your space themed porno -Spaceball drainers. Moreover, I’ve never heard of them getting all cease and desist-y, like nintendo is.

And, if you’re making commentary about Eve Online, or something relevant to it, then it’s going to fall under fair use (assuming you meet the other qualifications). Like, there’s a difference between using something as an asset (like playing a song in your skateboard video) versus playing parts of a song because you’re doing music criticism. Regardless, if you meet the criteria of fair use, you don’t need permission.

But, if you’re dead set on asking for permission, you might want to start with whoever is currently running the partner program. Unfortunately, I don’t know who it is, and I’m too lazy to look it up.

Hi! Thanks for your query! would be the best place to make a request like this, if you cannot find your answer in the Content Creator Terms of Use Policy page.

Thanks! We’ve taken appropriate measures to get the link unbroken, but should anyone need it: Dropbox - Media Library - Simplify your life

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