Dust514 Epic and Not Forgotten

Lads. We can only send hopes, dreams, and good vibes if CCP is going to attempt an FPS game in the style of EVE.

I strongly believe there is a significant player base in EVE and in the FPS community who would play something like this.

We will see how it turns out in due time. God speed CCP. You are not 100% perfect but gosh there are some good things you have done over the years.


Some months ago…


Nice :slight_smile:

But that word…
…made me sad :confused: I hoped for no lobby free roam experience without The Red Line

Planetside 2-like? Idk if this will be good. I love MMOFPS but need to be careful about server stability.


New job opening has been posted at CCP London :slight_smile:
Senior Level Designer
Things are picking up the pace :slight_smile:

And one of the requirements listed is…
Experience building maps for open world and sandbox games


I like turtles so let’s hope we have some swamp style of map.

/Pseudemydura umbrina


I know it is too early to get hyped and expect anything solid from that job opening description but at least we can have some fuzzy idea what the game could be.

So I chill to not jinx things :slight_smile:
And :crossed_fingers:

I think it’s likely we’ll be getting something like destiny. But I would also expect some pvp arena stuff as well.

The fps is perfect for sov warfare… Instead of grinding structures, do a minimal hp grind and then set up an fps match which you’d have to run logistics for.


Hope we get some news on the FPS during Fanfest 2023


I’m actually pretty hopeful for that. There’s been some movement not only in ccp hirings this year, but also there’s been a ton of stuff in the lore about fps adjacent things. It does kind of add up to suggesting we might get some info this year.

If we don’t get anything at all, I’ll be quite disappointed.


Yeah there were lot’s of news involving warclone mercenaries :slight_smile:
And even news of Guristas stealing warclone tech from Caldari troops :open_mouth:

I even tried to bring warclone blanks to my PI factories for protecion but dorks at the POCO showed me the finger :confused: I even complained to customs officers supervisors but got no answer yet :confused:
(You can read the whole story in my featured topic :wink: )

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Its on the PS3 and it was an exclusive

A lot of people would have played it, if it weren’t a console shooter lol

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Also, it would be another good way to extend the playerbase, increasing profit. But I guess managing FPS games implicates high costs.

P.S. If they’ll make it with Unreal Engine 5…imagine that…

They’re going to use UE4. At least that was the case last I heard.

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Requirements from other job opening descriptions:
Senior Technical Artist
…Demonstrable skills using Blueprints for world building and/or level design in UE 4/5…

Experienced Prop Artist
…Experience using Unreal Engine 5 • An amazing portfolio you are proud of…

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Nice, looks like they’re shifting tact then. Interesting that they want a designer with experience in both 4 and 5… Maybe they’re going to be moving the work they did in 4 to UE5.

It’s a good decision imo. 5 has a lot more legs, and it can be used as a selling point.

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FYI, semi-official (CCP presence but no maintenance) Discord CCP London AMA channel
(DUST514 Veterans Discord server invitation link)

One Q&A from that channel:

On 2022-12-26T11:42:00Z
Q: When do you expect the game to be released? Within 5 years?
CCP Shortfall: cant really give you a date but id be pretty stressed if we were thinking about 5 years

I’ve red this as:
“the FPS requires more than 5 years to be released with confidence”
and you?


As a Unity developer, I’m glad they’re going with UE :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright lads! Push that down to next year!! I demand FPS by end of 2024. Plenty of time for CCP. All the resources that can be mustered need to be pushed towards this. :100: :100:

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