First / Third person shooter with mechanics mimicing Battlefield IV, Battlefront II, ARMA III and Unreal Tournament set in the EVE Online universe (Non Profit) PROJECT (D)UST 515

Factional warfare, clone to clone, no starships involved (Unless it’s a bombardment, throwback to Dust 514), openworld warfare, optional matches, RPG elements with lasers being powered by crystals and batteries, firearms being supplied with rounds of ammuniation, Drone warfare, On planet vehicles (Land air and sea), visit different planets from the eve online universe and engage in combat in person.

Hi guys, I know that was a mishmash, but that’s my stream of thought for a new project i’m aiming to develop. Dust 514 was a game on ps3 that was a fps set in the EVE online universe, it was sadly shut down. My aim is to create an immersive sci fi mmorpgfps set over 21000 years into the future, during the exact same time as activities unfold in eve. Mimicing eves working economy, the game would feature a player run monetary system, spending your earned points from matches and (potential free roam, rat killing or missions, not sure yet) on time based skill upgrades and better weapons. This would obviously be not for profit, if it takes off and becomes as big as i’m dreaming it could, perhaps CCP could develop it further into their own company IP.

Just trying to gague how interested the eve community would be for a revival of planetary warfare with many lore and mechanic links to EVEs already functional gameplay systems.

Cheers, please drop recommendations as to what you’d like to see in such a project,


Can I ask who you are? You own company, have other devs working with you etc? I don’t want to ruin your dreams. But making game of this scale, pro bono in your “garage” simply won’t work. Not to mention that CCP lawyers gonna chew you inside out on first day for copyright issues.

ps. CCP London already is working on FPS game

A fair question.

I’m just a humble singer songwriter who’s played videogames and know what they like. I wasn’t going to make the game by myself, I would look into putting together a team of some sort, or funding any existing projects.

Now that I know there’s already something in the works I’ll have something to look into. Thanks!

Just saw the Project Nova trailer, hyped

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