Project Nova teaser

Just popped up on YouTube:

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You Can’t Walk Around In EVE.

You once could, but they removed it.

This is an FPS set in the EVE universe however. A different game.

Why Did They Remove Walking?

Because it offered no gameplay at all anyway and the maintenance cost was too high and held them back from improving the rest of EVE.

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Well Then.


no gameplay footage
no care

i played dust for several years and i could care less until they show something concrete. that trailer isnt even as good as the original trailer with the people walking around in the moros.

too much bad info has come out about nova ditching vehicles, getting rid of the in game economy on suits and generally dumbing everything down even more than it already was to just be another tiny lobby shooter.

ccp is gonna need alot more than another cgi trailer to win back dust vets they completely shafted.
also no ones gonna play a shooter on pc, dust was on ps3. unless this new one runs on a console or has dedicated controller support no ones gonna play it anyway.

it was too hard for them.



theres a smaller community for shooters on pc. pc gaming is already niche enough in general without adding in trying to play a shooter with a keyboard. they tried that in dust and everyone on keyboard got murdered cause controllers were better.

There is actually a game footage video somewhere. But it is so underwhelming and boring I’m still in denial and hope that’s just a fan game some dude made in Unity over the weekend.

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is it the old one where the guys inside the narrow hallways with like… a sniper rifle looking thing from a few years ago? that was the last footage i saw. is there something newer?

i wonder if that neural restructure line in the trailer is referencing some incentive for older players.
everyone wanted their cash/skill points to carry over to a new character or to keep their old character but nothing was ever confirmed for us. just vague wording that options were being looked at.

Almost thought you were serious there for a second. Good one.

No, it’s a new one


can you link it? or ill try to look for it out of curiosity. the ones i saw are all blurry footage from like 2016 lol.

EDIT: thankyou ill watch it.
the ones i remember looked awful, basically just tiny call of duty maps with narrow hallways.

@Ima_Wreckyou i gave that about 3 minutes before i started skipping, youre right that looks really bad.

few things i noticed are the weird lighting.
the teammates have strange white glows around them and their guns are glowing.
im guessing those are bots cause they kept walking straight at him even though his score pop ups said elite enemy.
the interface was so bad it took the guy 3-4 tries to build a sentry gun.

i hope that isnt real because that looks like a bad destiny clone. ccp hasnt learned anything from all the feedback they got from the players who actually stuck with dust if thats legit.

another thing. why are there iron sights? i brought this up with @CCP_Rattati about 5 years ago.
its the year 20thousand.
have the sights be holograms or pop up out of the gun like the old smg used to have where they folded down when you werent ads’ing. it makes no sense for advanced suits with hologram wrist controls and stuff to be using manually adjusted ironsights with tiny dials. you could add the aiming right into the hud of the suit and bring back camera sights that everyone asked for 5 years ago along with the old hud that felt more immersive.
i agree with you imawreck theres no way thats real.


finished watching whole thing.
i just realized thats igns youtube account, that means this is shockingly real unless theyve been trolled. thats honestly terrifying…

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I haven’t played shooters for a very very long time. And by very I mean very very… my computer had like 2GB RAM back then… and still I think they looked better.

ill be honest i played DUST 514 a fair bit when it was around…
watching the gameplay live being done at Vegas… im slightly interested…

but im not excited…and probably wont be till the day we can do this to an actual player ship or citadel.
I personally feel, that DUST was much better then what i saw here tonight.

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