Take a trip down memory lane!

Warning: Eveness over 9000, nostalgia and urges to undock are likely to be experienced while watching this video:

I wish I could find the original or an HD version, regardless this trailer has a special place in my heart and always pumps me up to play eve!


P.S.: Does anyone remember that in the old-OLD eve website, where there was a player video section… there was a video of a capsuleer pvping in a solo raven, with Batte Angel Alita overlays? THAT video was super EPIC to me, if anyone can find it or link it I would love to see it again!


I’ll see your “Eve Never Fades” and raise you “Day of Darkness II” :star_struck:


That one always reminds me of the Starsiege intro.

I’ll raise you the original intro to the game, as well as the one that came after it:

The vibes and atmosphere of these two intros are immaculate imo; they lent the world of EVE a sense of deep antiquity and cold indifference, but also made it truly feel like New Eden held boundless potential for you as a capsuleer.

I come back to the original intro quite often, as I’ve found that there’s little else in all of fiction that gives me the same feelings of wonder and depth :slight_smile:


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