Must-See EVE Content List

What are some true “Classic Vids” that are a must-see for EVE players? I have a few options, and am open to suggestions.

I think tutorials are not to be included, just because there are so many of them and they become out of data. If there is a notable one, I shall include it.

My current list:
Rooks and Kings: Clarion Call 3 Rooks and Kings: Clarion Call 3 (1080p available) - YouTube
This video is a treasure from a bygone era of EVE, with many mechanics detailed that are long removed. The emphasis on strategic planning, thinking as a team, and perseverence, however, can never be lost to time. A good portion of the Rooks and Kings videos could have made it to this list, but I shall include only this one. The False Tower and Anatomy of a Fight are other amazing selections.

B-R5RB. Beginning of the Great Battle [Eve Online PvP] B-R5RB. Beginning of the Great Battle. - YouTube
Short and simple. The most famous battle in the game’s history shown from a far-away scout platform that lets even a new player see what is going on, and how the two sides face off. Add some very good music and you’ve got yourself a classic vid.

Scott Manley - The Fountain War The Fountain War - A History of Gaming's Biggest War - YouTube
A very good look into a single instance of large-scale alliance happenings over a kickstarting background. A great introduction to large-scale alliance politics and operation. These 23 minutes are jam-packed with information, and it includes countless sources and authentic videos of the actual conflict, even clips of very obscure battles.

Friendly Targets: Local Must Die XLASB Stabber (eve pvp with commentary) - YouTube
A great story about perseverence and theorycrafting in a solo setting. If this doesn’t give you the uncontrollable urge to go buy a Stabber, I don’t know what will.

Lasker Emanuel - Lasker’s First Dread Fight EVE Solo PvP: Lasker's First HAW Dread Fight - YouTube
Anything goes in EVE. Wanna fly something? Do it. Even a solo capital ship is viable. I don’t know which of Lasker’s videos to put here, because a number of other ones are good candidates, including other dread videos, the Arty Firetail, or the Bait-Tank Incursus.

Azriel Delta - Sigil Visits Tama Sigil visits Tama - YouTube
Eve can be fun, even when you lose. Taking out a fit like this is a great way to relieve stress. Four minuts of greatness.

Other Candidates:
Symphony of Neutralizer - Rist Ozuwara
A Nomad Tale 1 - Chloroken (Very long, and part of a series, so unlikely candidate)
Magnate II - Lasker Emanuel
Succubus Solo PVP - Lasker Emanuel
This Is EVE (of course)
Bomber’s Bar Fleet Training - Doctor Wrecks
Memorable Moments of EVE - Friendly Targets

Put suggestions below, and I can add them to this list, hopefully constructing a nice list to give to newbros for homework lol…


I used to enjoy ChessurSBs videos although my will be out of date by now as they are quite old. But he used to talk through the actions etc and I found it interesting when i wanted to pvp -

Ah yes. I have seen his Phantasm “Low Drag” video, and I just now saw his Slicer video. Very solid, but I think that this null solo pvp category is pretty filled out with comparable videos. Suitonia, Stitch K, and others have made a bunch of very nice content.

No Clear skies? :thinking:


Without a doubt, and purely raw Eve content: GOING SOUTH: The EVE Online Feature-Length Film -- starring WINGSPAN Delivery Services - YouTube

And to this day I still love CCP’s video for its general mood : This is EVE - Uncensored - YouTube

The darker sides of Eve: The Dark Secret of EVE Online - YouTube as a historic element about rare content of a very different nature.

A few changes in Eve Online way way back (Red Moon Rising). A video made with simple tools to a great effect: Eve Online RMR - YouTube

Adjust and adapt of the highest level, and as a tribute to the importance of Lord Maldoror and RnK in Eve’s history: Rooks and Kings: Clarion Call 4 (1080p available) - YouTube

The first and the last in my shortlist I would consider Must-see. The others are Have-A-Look.

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I almost cries when I watch the this is eve uncensored as I got to the party when the party was dying so just makes me feel like I missed out on a lot

The party is going strong, no worries. You just have to be in the right spot on the right time - as was the case with any of the videos. Especially the This is Eve Uncensored video is a very concentrated experience extracted from many videos that were sent in for ccp to have a look at.

Best chances ? Well, on Jan 1st I joined a coalition fleet rage forming to go “3rd partying” (I guess) in Pure Blind. Thousand people in local, dreads all over the place, TiDi through the roof, and traffic control giving us 3 min warnings when taking a gate… Fun, chaotic, the typical wtfamidoing feeling. How on earth do these high level FC’s even know what’s going on on the grid, let alone how to handle it.

On the grid as well, but thankfully neutered, Bomber’s Bar, the well-known NPSI fleets of opportunity. They didn’t get to drop bombs this time, but at least they were there and had a fair shot at excitement.

So, increase your chances for content. It’s not difficult - but it doesn’t come every day, or week even, and neither did it 10 years ago :slight_smile:


I could not stop singing

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Bruh was that a bombing run or an AOE doomsday camp? Whatever it was, a lot of isk died that day.

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+1 to Going South, Bombers Bar Training and This is EVE (both versions).

My other suggestions:

WINGSPAN TT’s “Exploration Adventures” series
From humble explorer to stealthy wormhole pirate - the story of Chance Ravinne is a must see for budding treasure hunters.

I’m not sure if they fit, but I’d suggest some of the classic game trailers to set up the mood and lore of the game for new players:

Eve Origins
Birth of the Capsuleer
The Butterfly Effect

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Eve Online in the MoMA

Wave of Mutilation by Farjung: Farjung - Wave of Mutilation - YouTube - First Blasterthron most of us ever saw.
Wave of Mutilation 2 by Farjung: Wave of Mutilation 2 by Farjung - YouTube - People had never even seen a Vindicator before… never mind an officer-fit one.

DaMiGe’s Lock’N’Load Series/Damige Control: DaMiGe - Lock 'N Load 6: The Final Chapter - YouTube He became possibly the biggest Eve content creator in history (comparatively) through these - I’ll only link 1 for sake of ease.

Garmonation 5 by Garmon: Garmon - Garmonation 5 In the Name of the Lord - YouTube - Garmon was Marmite, love him or hate him. But his videos got better and better as he took more and more insane risks. He’s the only pilot I’ve seen running solo in an alliance tournament ship.

Something Burning by Ugluuk (has a second part): Something Burning 2 (1/2) - YouTube - Taught the masses what “Hull Tanking” was, and also made Privateers alliance explode in popularity. Led to the rework of the war system.

There’s 2 videos I can’t find by A-WAR (Art of War) called “Reality Check” Which all but created the “nano” era, and the Discophoon (which popularised killing entire fleets with smartbombs while they were still in warp.

There’s also a REALLY old video of a guy pirating in an EoS - it basically got the ship nerfed and drones reworked, because people realised that the ship was utterly busted and power-creep was getting out of hand in T2 ships. I believe it directly lead to the AWFUL state marauders were in at release, as if CCP were scared of making unkillable beasts.


Comrades…how many of these great videos support the idea that EvE is currently healthy? How many of the players who made these even still play?

Sick of saying it: Jump freighters and warp to 0 where hugely detrimental to Eve.

Even more so, the ability to “hot drop” a single ship with a whole fleet. Who in their right mind goes out in a BS, solo now? It’s a free killmail.

A bunch of dudes, just search through zKill or YouTube…

They aren’t as uncommon as you think.


The return quota of leaving players is still high. It’s very easy to return as long as you don’t biomass (probably in rage).

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The health of the game is not determined by the number of players who have been playing since the dawn of EvE, is it ? And even when taking that as a parameter, EvE is doing better than any other game (I’m told). How many games have people still playing it passionately after 19 years for 19 years ?

On the other hand, it’s probably also true that newer players are less interested in creating videos, guides, blogs and even applications than the older “generation” of pilots. Why ?

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I’d say more Twitch, less Youtube. Welcome to the twenties :wink:

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Fair enough, I suppose. However, it can’t be a good indication of how things are going for a game when a lot of longer-term players of that game - not just 19 years players but folks with years of playing anyway - decide they no longer want to play it.
I guess in a way I admire your positivity, but do wonder if you might be holding onto something that is no longer. Many of the above great videos portray an EvE that isn’t like that anymore. In the end every player makes their own decisions as to what they want to play, of course, so if you find EvE now fun more power to you.

Oh, did EVE die again?