Must-See EVE Content List

I’d say not, especially because it seems CCP is purposefully setting up the game for an influx of new players for its third decade, getting the messy things like Scarcity, UI Changes, and subscription price hike out of the way early so they can have a very strong product appeal going into the flashy 20-year milestone.

Notice how FW, the pvp training ground for new players, was updated? Notice the completely overhauled career agent missions? How about the increased login rewards? Or the revamped skill window? The graphics quality updates? These are all an obvious investment into new players campaign at the slight expense of the current playerbase, which is fine. I sincerely hope it pays off.

The increased number of younger, newer players who are retained by the new system and possible future advertizing campaigns will hopefully replace the middle-aged players who have quit out of rage or boredom due to the lack of big expansions for a while, coupled with the Scarcity, UI, and other changes.

Yes, though those are getting rarer due to the simple fact of aging, getting a job, going to college, changing priorities, etc.

My ultimate goal with this game is to produce a video or series of videos for a 100 killmark Solo Hookbill (brawl of course). I currently have no idea how to record, edit, or acquire enough wealth (either ingame or out) and time to do this. The Hookbills aren’t the problem, the Omega is.
Also, I’d like to point out that Minecraft is fundamentally a game for kids, maybe in the 8-20 year range, yet almost all Minecraft content creators are way older than that. Maybe it just comes with being more experienced and having more money to play around with things like recording software and games.


No, but the EVE in most of those Classic Vids is forever gone, and only nostalgia (and lingering ECM rage) remains.


Good observation, it is clear since some time that CCP is not interested in the old ways and tries to shift to a new one. We’ll see how it goes and eventually where exactly it leads. :thinking:


ME who makes videos and Guides yet is only played eve for one year

Oh? Can I see it?


If one is highly dependent on what CCP provides as “content” then one is not playing the sandbox game, nor meshing with its social structure. That’s how I look at it.

EvE is what we, players, make of it, with our imagination, ambition, creativity, in a world where we can independently make our choices and create new local environments.

The “content” that CCP provides is - at best - a way to cope with the tedium of many chores in Eve involving isk and resource gathering. In some lucky cases it also involves certain areas of PvP (like FW and Pochven). At its worst it could be an instruction on how to play - which would break its nature.

fixed that for you :slight_smile:

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