Eve PvP Videos?

This is my first time on the forums after years of being away. There used to be and older Eve forums that had a section for player made pvp videos? What happened to that or am i missing it somewhere?

the my-eve section still exists, but many creators don’t post their videos here anymore


here are some currently active video makers in no particular order:
Pytorion BE - small gang PvPer from Toilet Paper
DaeDraaH DeaDwooD - small gang and solo from a Tusker
worstplayerever - Lussy Lou, known russian streamer, makes videos aswell
Project 1237 - more solo/duo PvP
Auraus - solo/small gang stuff from a corpmate
LordsServant - a bittervet getting back into the game lately
Cookies Dealers - more russian small gang
dbfx - fleet PvP from 0-cal
ReadYY - german wh brawls
Nika Noiser - tournament quality gang PvP
Takuya Gogiko - Tuskers solo/small gang
Nolan - russian PvE/PvP blog
Lokley Theo - wh brawls
Blights Wretch - solo PvP blog
HovaCarlito - small gang PvP with comms
Psyhopoul - small gang PvP
Salut les capsuleers - Za Grimm, french solo/small gang
Dankguy - some capital action
Necrul - tuskers small gang
gauntowsky - some solo PvP with commentary
Asilthar - solo PvP
Goat Allu - Tomalak, great solo PvPer
Silgus - another Tusker doing solo/small gang stuff
Krypt0 - just started out, looks promising
Krypted Gaming - wh small gang stuff
Viribad - his last solo vid was awesome, we’ll see if we get more
404HD - a streamer uploading his solo advantures
Jokastis - small gang stuff from Kronos Ritual
Soldier Forrester - sometimes I do small gang videos aswell

and some not so active honorable mentions:
Big Miker - solo PvP legend
Cosmo Blink - great quality solo
Martino Fabbro - he made ‘Trauma’
Birdlike - small gang legend
Lasker Emanuel - solo Dread PvP
God’s Apples - older solo brawling videos
Guadossss - another legend
Stitch K - another must-know solo PvPer

and then there are also squishys meme videos


Zkill Guide
Lord Carlos

HYDRA and VYDRA tournament meme videos

+old legends
Rooks and Kings :heart_eyes:

thanks Nika!
I made a reddit post to share with more of the community and they provided a couple more names https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/fvexdv/list_of_active_pvp_video_creators/

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my God you forgot Kil2, the one who started it all lol. :wink:

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That would be true if Kil2 started it all :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone got any links to fon revedhorts old videos like rocket wizadry or tiltyards for cyborgs?

also looking for an old video of a solo roaming pilgrim, ratter hunting in deep 0.0

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