Low sec + 0.0 PVP videos - lot's of logistics action in mid sized fleets

Hey all…

Long time EVE player but new to creating videos. Thought I’d share the channel with everyone that wants some PVP action. Mainly mid sized fleet fights. I want to do some solo/small gang stuff as well in the future and when time allows.

I fly a lot of logistics, like Guardians, Apostles, Basilisks etc. which from experience are underrepresented ship types in videos. Anyways, hope there’s some interest!

Some vids:
https://youtu.be/ts8lEYNrcO0?feature=shared - Brawl in Aedald with 240b isk in total losses
https://youtu.be/lM3i8pJG40c?feature=shared - Fights around Wicked Creek and Detorid

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