This Week in EVE #170 (16 - 22 September)


(Alan Mathison) #21

Does anyone know (Devs?) exactly when Valkyrie - Warzone will drop on the 26th for the PS4?

Alan Mathison

(ckinoutdahoe) #22

I am not sure if the dev’s read this stuff or not but i do have a question!

For all of us who fly t3 ships and the lovely change that occurred which is fine, but…I mean BUT the 50 mill mod we received 5 mill was horrid.

For me it was not too bad as it was only a 1/2 bill loss. for others it could have been far more.

Now then, I would like to know how bad we are getting dicked on the pos’s and the tons of mods we currently have from a personal level to the massive alliances.

These have been massive investments of of trillions of isk total in game and it is the right thing to know in advance how CCP plans on dealing with this incredibly important issue

(XXSgtYorkXX) #23

when are we going to get, hi sec fleet 200 km pvp spheres. ha ha just kiddin. "=)
love the new valk.

(XXSgtYorkXX) #24

as for witch race to die ha ha id like the opposite I like to have the option to be like an Angel, Serpentine ecc. ecc. and can there be hidden bonus for like system , flying your own faction ship. like Amar flying a Amar ship , 1% bonus for armor hit points. LoL

(yellow parasol) #25

@CCP_Phantom thank you again, for pushing my poll to 441 votes. it’e over now, as the result is conclusive enough.

The Amarrians “won”.

(CCP Phantom) #26

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