Help Me EVE Community, You're My Only Hope

(CCP Falcon) #1

I have a problem. I just moved into a new work space after a switcharoo at the office and my wall looks like this:

You can see that this is obviously an issue.

In short, I’m looking to decorate the ■■■■ out of this wall with EVE imagery. I’m looking for all your favorite beauty screenshots from EVE.

Cinematic ones with no UI that really show off the beauty of EVE.

Leave a screenshot here, and a little bit about why you love it, and I’ll start printing and sticking them up with progress pictures every so often :smiley:

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(Chewytowel Haklar) #2


Cause it is awesome and funny :smiley:
Oh god I am the first post… too much pressure!

(Arcanith Lionheart) #3

Cause CONCORD ships are cool and I loved taking this screenshot near the sun, travelling and just enjoying the music and ambient.
Also, Oh god I am the second post… slightly less pressure than the first post!

(Yiole Gionglao) #4

This is my favorite mining shot. I love how the banked Mackinaw gives the impression of movement (it was actually orbiting around an iceberg). It was taken in 2014, before the debris fields were added to belts.

(Elarath) #5

Because its gorgeous, beautiful and deadly. Building a community and fight in friendship. Eve forever.

(Elarath) #6

And a second one … aint enough titans in the first! Screenshot of N3 Moving fleet back in the day. :heart:

(Yuki YokaiYasha) #7

my oracle sitting on a gate in low-sec, its proportions distortet by the gate effect. wearing a cold iron skin.

love the looks of it.

(Linus Gorp) #8

Background I stole from the Citadel introduction event website :smiling_imp:

And a screenshot of my Rorqual in 4C-B7X that I GIMPed around with to make a wallpaper out of it. Maybe I still have the original file in some backup somewhere…

Edit: Here it is, the unedited screenshot:

(Yuki YokaiYasha) #9

a covert fleet sitting on a structure waiting to drop

(Linus Gorp) #10

More Rorqual pics. That’s all 7 I made back then (May 2012).

(LouHodo) #11

He needs pictures of good ships… pretty ships… Minmatar ships!

unfortunately I have none.

(Mad Dawg Yaken) #12

Just this. You know this already though. :sunglasses:

(Aden Ordinii) #13

(Aden Ordinii) #14

(Aden Ordinii) #15

(Aden Ordinii) #16

(Dom Arkaral) #17

These are my finest pieces by far.
And yes, the second one is a Russian hauler fleet suicide ganking an Obelisk

(Nana Skalski) #18

(CCP raRaRa) #19

Remove that photo and you’ll have a nice clean wall!

(Nana Skalski) #20