My first 25 bucks profit from trading coins! thank you, EVE!

in 2013 i’ve spent 450 for around half a bitcoin.
in 2017, when the price spiked, i sold a tiny part for 1k.
i’ve learned about the hard fork, and suddenly had playcoins to trade with… so i bought one additional “bitcoin cash” from my profits.

and now, a few months later, i earned my first 25 bucks from actively trading currency. “currency”. not sure how people see it.

it’s not much, i know, but i’m proud. and it’s thanks to EVE ONLINE. it taught me how to read buy-/sellorders, what to look out for, how people try to push prices up or down, how to think market… and it works! omg it really works! :smiley:

i’ve spent weeks just looking at prices, movement, times of days. yesterday i’ve spent many hours just waiting for the drop i knew would come. eventually i’ve installed an order for a relatively low price, only to have it drop in the damn ■■■■■■■ single session of eight minutes i’ve not been looking at it. FOR HOURS I LOOKED AT IT JUST TO HAVE IT DROP IN THE EIGHT MINUTES I’M NOT LOOKING! price dropped lower than expected, but an hour later it rebound to the value i’ve bought at and then the waiting game started.

not even 24h later i dropped a sellorder. eventually some guy dropped one below mine, for FIFTY coins, and so i’ve adjusted my sellorder to sit below his, because it would have taken a good while until these 50 would have been sold…

five minutes later he cancelled his order and set it up below mine again. i thought “■■■■ this ■■■■”, and instead of playing along, i just turned off the mobile and called it a day. EVE taught me that items with big fluctuations can just be put on sale and forgotten, so ghat’s what i did. eventually it sold. not the amount i hoped for, but 25 bucks is 25 bucks, amirite? :grin:

Now i’m looking forward to the next 25. i’m not greedy, or materialistic, so my risk of making stupid mistakes because MONEYMONEYMONEYMONEY is low, and if i can make just 20 bucks every day, on average, that’s still 200 in ten days.

Damn. Wish me Luck … and thanks for your attention! :blush:


Dude, i made a similar post a few month back. I learned to scalp bitcoin trades just like i scalp gecko trades in EvE. Massive congrats on your first profits, now get it back in :wink:

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thank you so much! :smiley:

May I ask what trade method/platform you use? (Stock guy who has been interested in trading Bitcoin)

of course you may, silly! :slight_smile:

As I understand it with Sillycoins the problem is not buying them or indeed trading in them but in converting them back into real money. Correct me if I’m wrong!

But yes, the thinking player will always have the advantage over the casual player. That’s likely to be as true for Sillycoins and Eve as it is for poker, horse race betting and elsewhere.

Buy at a legitimate registered bitcoin dealer of choice, sell on paypal for extra bucks. People will pay more on paypal due to less papertrail but you have to take a fair amount of care not to put yourself at risk (paypal famously always sides with the buyer when there is dispute and clear evidence isn’t available). There are ways around the lack of security, such as requesting passport photocopies etc.

The difference between the two methods in terms of security and ease of use is where your profit is.

i’m not going to touch paypal, ever.

watching prices again. undecisive if i should buy for the coming upswing, so i just sit and wait. :blush:

Coins everywhere are crashing, and I’m just sitting in the middle, with my yellow parasol.

Waiting it out. Buying “bitcoin cash” for cheap.

Banking on the inevitable boost, that will inevitably come. Some JPMorgan guy said “bitcoins are a fraud”, but that’s hilarious, because he’s a bankster and banks are a fraud as well. He also said “it might rise to 100k before the bubble bursts” which clearly shows me what to think of his statement.

if it rises to 80k, i’ll sell and be rich as (relatively) ■■■■. :grin:

Can’t wait to see how this drama turns out.

last night, for two to three hours, i saw some bitcoin trader do something noteworthy.

he continuously dropped orders, 20 bucks below the lowest sell order. it had to be the same guy, because it was insane. he sparked a dramatic increase in sales activity. people bought his coins and he just kept putting new ones out, for damn cheap. he even kept pushing out even cheaper ones than his own cheap ones. 50 under lowest price. he just kept continuously pushing the price down.

at some point he had so many bitcoins out there, other people joined in and sold for cheap as well. and then, when more people joined in and the screen was full of cheaper orders… he pulled his own and bought the rest. Boom. he did that three times at least, while i was watching, not believing wtf was going on. in the third round i accepted the repeating patterns, jumped in and rebought my previously sold stock, plus a bit more, for less money.

i’m so happy about this outcome! having no stock anymore, kept me on edge all day. what a horrible feeling, fearing that the price might shoot up, without me being able to profit from it.

I believe you can observe that in EVE as well, with people dropping sell orders to lower prices of a commodity until they fool others into selling at that price to buy it. It’s a tricky price manipulation that can work well if you have the capital (and a relatively actively traded commodity).

It must be nerve wracking though, as you don’t make your profit until people bite and also start selling, at which point you can be at quite a loss.

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Look what I got!

BitCoin doubling!


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Upupupup! :smiley:

I recommend selling now, because lemmings are buying up in hopes for free coins when the fork hits, but before that happens, a lot of people will cash out and crash the price. you have been warned.

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