I guess thanks in-part for helping make me rich Eve

I margin traded in jita for years and made 60 million isk into 1 billion in my first couple weeks snowballing from the original time and it got me hooked. Maybe 2011+

I made loads off some of your skin events, like the purity one…not collecting skins from sites, I bought and sold in jita for ridiculous mark-up. I did implants in-game mostly and they’re still viable now.

Couple years back I decided to take a look at doing it with real money and started. Trading account, credit check and I was off. As a municipal government worker I got in early and retired in 40’s…

It’s different in real life (lol) with a much broader range/politics/competent CEO’s, but this game was a good primer for an amateur investor. I made six figures last year from investing in stock and bonds in a stagnant economy and was learning basically by trial and error AND what I did here.

You might notice I buy lots of plex…it’s a thank you, in a way.


Question is - could you still do it in todays game? Its my opinion they’ve dumbed things down a lot. I’m just curious – interesting read.


I’ve found if you max out trading skils and get your caldari navy standings high you can still cut down on costs. I buy and sell blocks of implants…do a market survey of widely used things and their margins of buy and sell.
The margin trading skill was awesome but I heard it was abused…shame on those fools. When you can make tons legit?

If it’s 2-5mill margin, it’s a sure thing. However, 5% and faction t2 implants move more slowly.

With a smaller player-base and tightening of isk, making eve an automated money-printer is priority for the owners I think. If you find a niche and make big isk, let me know.

Take advantage of events, 3% hardwirigs that are widely used, +3 and +4 implants (check margins), cov ops as they die readily…and their fittings. Take the time to get advanced broker relation V and accounting V certainly.
Add all these to your market quickbar so you can chck prices quickly and you’re set…you just need to buy larger quantity to beat the “system” so have some starting capital. Also logic dictates if there’s not a lot of buyers on the buyer’s list, it’s not a hot item.
Without margin trading to be a small fry? Invest 1 billion isk to turn a decent profit and snowball; be a pure trader.
None of the other hubs buy or sell in quantity so that’s pointless, only jita and this tranquility in perimeter which seems to try but jita will always be king.
Whatever you choose, I prefer NPC station for any possible player-related BS. Also like fishing, leaving out the nets overnight or while at work is key.

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