Things to do while training? JITA TRADER!

So I find myself slowly progressing after going omega, only a few injectors to make him undockable. Going through the motions, at least the market is healthy, lots of people buying stuff, a result of losing.

These forums are so censored it’s no fun anymore. I do political stuff on twitter? I think I have a world-record for fallout 4 as far as time played?

As a amateur trader in real life I appreciate the jita trader role as with a little isk to start and finding several items that sell in volume with good margins you can make some good isk fast. I won’t share but my orders for my items worth about 1.2 bill filled overnight.

That’s at about 70 mill profit which aint too shabby as there’s no potential for loss. Looking for more items…

People are going boom, means eve is healthy.

PS, the margin trader skill is great for those with limited funds.

I suppose also do some Cald navy missions and do those data centre missions to get a discount on taxes.
I was grinding missions for a morning then, no.

I’ll admit it takes that special person that enjoys staring at spreadsheets but when the wallet blinks continuously providing you with an endorphin rush of isk injection, I can live with it.

I’m the 5 minute refresh guy every trader dislikes. muhuhaha

EVE being an MMO, the absolute best thing you can do is interact with other people. Join a corp, learn from others, do group activities, try things you’ve never done before, find people to mentor you, read some guides, etc.

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I appreciate the ideas. This really is an osasis to do what you like. Being able to run 2 omega toons opens many opportunities. I was just mentioning this jita trading is very hot. 10 of each +4 asnd 20 of each +3 filled while I slept at a 50-60 mill profit.
So many other things to do, more waiting while I train and try to afford an injctor when I can. I got a bun ch of those red things that access thew travef…whatever space in data sites from a wh…

EVE has an immense learning curve. I like to say that EVE is to chess what chess is to tic-tac-toe. It can feel intimidating and very isolating. This is why you want to surround yourself with others ASAP to make the learning process easier, and make sure you’re having fun from start to finish instead of grinding now as an investment to have fun later.


I played before but it had less content…You mean learning slope? Mountain climber is good pre-requisite.

Oh my friend, you have much to learn. 50m is nothing. From a newbie standpoint, you an make 50m + Rewards in one hour of Project Discovery, which can be done anywhere (even docked in a station), or hitting up a single data/relic site in a 3m-fitted exploration frigate. I have 66 science slots, 66 manufacturing slots, almost 2000 market slots, and 36 planets that generate income out the ass in my sleep - things like that are investments in passive income that require time (SP training) that pay themselves off after a while, but doing so deprives you of training things that enable you to have fun now. Never deprive yourself of fun now just to have fun later. Always ensure you’re having fun at all times and not just as a future investment.

(Didn’t mean to sound like I was putting you down :upside_down_face:)

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Also, learn some third party tools to facilitate these sort of things. jEVEAssets is essential for the aspiring trader and industrialist, as are numerous other websites and whatnot.

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I appreciate the info…at least we can buy skill points now. I was thinking it was going to be another several months before being able to undock lol. When I started WAAAAY back , I used to haul those useless trade goods like tobacco inter-regionally. Good money for a new player

I just got the enthusiast badge for coming here 10 days straight. What else is there to do while you train?

I was thinking of looking at steam.

I dabbled in trades, even with a 17% margin, the volumes to get reasonable profits are pretty large, and I wasn’t seeing much movement (thought Jita is much bigger than Dodixie).


I couldn’t seem to find the value in that much effort to generate 50m isk when not playing…when I could just do site runs for an hour and make the same, and I do like site runs.

I’m looking for other passive forms of income, looks like @Archer_en_Tilavine has some ideas but probably none of them would work for Alpha accounts.

sure 50mil isn’t all that much, but if it only takes you a few mins to update orders then that’s a decent return. If you go run sites for a few hours then you have 150mil more than you did the day before to put up more orders and maybe you make 60mil. After a while it can snowball into something big.

For a long time I had trouble getting into trading for pretty much the same reasons, but now my trading side is so big that the site running is pretty insignificant.

I’ve built up my standings but flipping orders gets horribly boring. I’ve been making good money with just a few missions for caldari navy, trade skills, social skills and the data centre missions.
The tax doesn’t rerally effect my bottom-line. Spending 4 mill to make 40 sounds okay? As far as trading in bulk high end items. Margin trading is an essential skill for those with limited isk.

But it seemed in this case he tied up 1 billion isk to generate that?

This suggests to me to make 70mil you need to turn over 1.2bil.

It’s not a bad achievement. I just have fun earning the isk other ways.

I will be running suukuvestra lvl 4’s for LP, just trained up to a rattlesnake to do quickly? I do multiple things to make money, and throw it on the trade character to snowball.
I didn’t know that suukuvestra still offers the 5-run caldari navy ballistic control unit and they removed tags? Big money, eventually?
But I’m not poor so I buy plex/game time also.
I mentioned the margin trading skill for those with limited capital, you need accounting 4 i think.

ah, I thought you were talking about your own trades. but anyways it’s better to make a 5-6% than to just let that 1.2bil sit in the wallet doing nothing. Over a whole month that’s nearly a plex. And as I said it can snowball when you make bigger orders and/or put up orders on new items.

the tags are still there you just have to mouse over to see the additional items, an unhelpful UI change.

I was being cheap with myself and buying a small extractor daily for the last few days. I don’t want it to cut into my trading money. Although I’ve found some tolerance for pve.

I know suukuvestra corp were the only ones to offer that BPC, is it all caldari corps now?

It was a secret to easy isk, just grinding missions and they removed the tag requirement? Even better.

Grinding missions lalala. Worm is a good ship! Connections 4 and social 5 done so maybe only another 10 missions until lvl 3 suukuvestra missions.

I hope these stocks sell today, I’d like to buy some plexes, in the thousands? Silly copper and AI companies eh? 9000 units in a copper concern? Never again, PROBLEM with lithium batteries, as far as the junk cars anyways.
Nevermind lithium batteries are nickel, lithium and tin. They’re doing ok, hold on to your pennies and copper pipe for now?
PLUS, AI? There are no self-aware machines, I’m dealing with advanced version of SIRI? Learning machines? lol