Things to do while training? JITA TRADER!

This is the day-trader’s fallacy. You have to be brutally honest with yourself and accounting to properly see that the economic value of trading a [bank] for a [%]. It usually is better just to stash it in a mattress. We tend to greatly ignore our actual losses, including through taxation/fees and finally, we completly igore the opportunity costs.

The 1.2Bil might be spent on a ship or something and do something with that, for instance…

This obviously isn’t intended to say that the OP doesn’t succeed at a true 5-6% return constantly, but it is to show there’s so much more to consider. What if he could have returned 30% from a ship/mission setup?

I mentioned this is my trading alt, strictly for jita trading. I am grinding missions on another slot for standings with sukuuvestra, an old trick for isk, which may not be viable any longer.
I flip to my market trader every few hours and have maybe 2 dozen items in my market quickbar that buy and sell quick and have good margins. I took the time with this character to do the caldari data centre missions and several caldari navy to shave off some tax as a trader.
This is further complimented by social 5, connections 4(so far), accounting 4, broker relations 4 and margin trading 4.
I am still making an average of a small injector a day from the trade alone. The mission grinding is slow but has a end in sight.
This alt is able to do the wh NPC relics as stated to you earlier, but grinding standings can be important.

If they are buying a new ship to access better paying content then that’s not isk sat in the wallet doing nothing. With 1bil that’s pretty easy to do, but there’s limits there, only so many ships you can buy, and only so much bling you can put on them.

Captain’s Log, stardate supplemental,

Made a wager for a capsuleer to find something, they found it quick! Ziggy, you animal! Shuffled around some assets and am back to snowballing isk in jita. Thank goodness, more ISK and prizes coming.

Almost at lvl 3 with suukuvestra, very painful grinding missions, but once at 3 it will pick up I hope. Worm is a great ship for doing lvl 1-2 fast. Thinking gila for lvl 3’s and rattlesnake for lvl 4’s then I can start earning some isk, through the LP store.

Signing off


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