Dev blog: Introducing Resource Wars


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With the next big expansion EVE Online: Lifeblood coming 24 October, we’re introducing an exciting new feature called Resource Wars.

Resource Wars will enable you to continue fighting for your Empire in sites called Mining Expeditions all across high-sec space! You can join either as miner supporting your Empire or as pilot defending your team against NPC pirates.

Read more about this new feature, the different levels, rewards, how you join and more in the latest dev blog Introducing Resource Wars

Introducing The Winter Expansion - EVE Online: Lifeblood
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More blogs on Resource Wars to follow :slight_smile: We will definitely go into more detail!

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EVE Wochenschau #168 (2.-8. September)
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The ORE won’t be refinable.

The LP stores will not have the same rewards as other stores, they will have a selection of reward crates. You will know what is in the crate before purchase though.

More info on the rewards to follow in a later blog.

The sites will require a player to also be mining, or a hybrid miner/combat.

Currently this will be the only way to acquire the LP.

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Yeh. It’s a container with a set list of items and we will tell you what is in the crate :slight_smile: It’s exactly the same as having a list of items… only they are presented in a more aesthetically pleasing way

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Thanks! We’re super excited to see the veteran community help their newbros. We have received feedback on creating more opportunities for this at the last 2 fanfests, so we can’t wait to see it in action.

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There will be a max capacity in the site to maintain performance within the sites and also have balanced rewards and not just complete chaos. It’s the same as sites that have keys currently though so this isn’t new. You can always bypass the gates in other creative ways like you currently do if you so wish :slight_smile:

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It’s a new way to deliver multiple rewards at once for 1 price in the LP store. Reward crates aren’t new. We’re just packaging up items.

As for the mining/combat… you can do it any way you want, the site listens for haulers filled with ORE and NPCs killed.

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There will be more info on ways to join coming soon, but one way is to locate the sites in high sec space :slight_smile: They will appear on the overview like the event sites

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Not with the initial release :slight_smile:

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These sites are aimed at content that is accessible to anyone. They will be readily available in high sec systems only and the gates will restrict entry based on standings and max participation. Does that mean you won’t come up with ganking opportunities? I very much doubt that. It does mean though that new players coming out of Inception will have places to go either alone, with other new players or with older players to learn and progress so they feel ready to take on the rest of EVE. This is a more engaging, exciting way to learn aspects of the game than through career agents and it helps to more easily form fleets for activities with newer players.

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The goal isn’t to mine the sites out, it’s to fill the haulers to their max capacity :slight_smile:

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The sites have timers that are triggered on warp in. They would have a very, very small window of time to do any of this before the site explodes and redistributes elsewhere.

These timers also mean players will be entering and leaving the sites (and out in space) a lot. They won’t be stuck inside 1 site for ages.

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Yes :slight_smile:

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We actually did speak to quite a few HS players and a lot of players who mentor/specialise in helping new players. That is why with this content, we reward everyone who enters and participates. Will other players be in the sites? yes. However, as you have a common/shared goal and everyone is rewarded equally provided they participate towards the goal - you can enter sites by yourself, do your own contribution and not have to worry about working ‘with the group’ if you don’t want to. However, we do also have a lot of completely solo content and not much aimed at new players for groups, so we wanted to make some group based activities that will let you interact as much as you feel comfortable, with other players :slight_smile:

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We have no plans for that currently

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They are short content - think minutes :slight_smile: The sites explode after that time

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They will be in high sec only

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@Arrendis We have definitely had discussions about this, not promising anything though.

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Sure a group could go in, but the sites are on very short timers and the site is set to explode at the end of the timer, then redistribute elsewhere. So even if you tried to stay in the site you would be left vulnerable.

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You must complete the objectives to get a reward and that includes filling the haulers in the allocated time.