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Eve Online Alpha Clone Guide - In this guide you will be able to come to understand the ability’s of an alpha account & good ship fits, you can fly to accomplish things in Eve Online.

Eve Online Omega Clone Guide In this guide which is still on-going you can expect ships fits, agent info, mission info & the whole shebang about unlimited Eve Online gameplay.

Eve:Valkyrie Vr Gameplay In this Play list which is made by NeoKryser who is part of my team, you will see his journey from the tutorial up to online multiplayer skillful combat.

Eve Gunjack Playthrough In this playlist you will see what this fun little game is and a look at each of the missions etc

Eve Online PvP Videos In this playlist you will see things from full fleet fights to single player pvp i.e 1v1.

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«Эта неделя в EVE» №169 (9 - 15 сентября)
This Week in EVE #168 (2 - 8 September)
EVE Wochenschau #168 (2.-8. September)
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& here is todays video :slight_smile:

This is the Hawk, the Caldari assault frigate, you will find this fit to be interesting and very fun to play.

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I think this is okay to post here - but here is todays video

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& here is todays video

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Here is todays video :slight_smile:

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Here is last nights Zarvox cruiser roam, carrier kill is time stamped in the video description

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Here is today’s new tutorial video

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Original Post updated and more information added.

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So… here is today’s video, we are looking at the Amarr Assault frigate, the retribution and it’s pvp fit.

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Here we are looking at the PVE Fit for this ship

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& here is the Vengeance PvP fit

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Here is today’s video, the PVE cap stanble fit for the vengeance

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Hey Peeps

Here is today’s PvE setup for the Hawk, Enjoy!

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& here is my latest video

The Wolf PvE Setup

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Apologies I forgot to post here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here is todays video, the Jaguar PVE regene fit :slight_smile:

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So here we go, a new era, the new Valkyrie

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And Up - Still here for your help :slight_smile:

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And Up