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(Andrew Indy) #2

I wonder why the takes the Cap battery off before the Large.

Also I thought NPCs did not take the resistance into account making the large a bit pointless.

(Kaivarian Coste) #3

Of course.

No wonder why PLEX is out of reach for normal players.

What you gonna do with 2b? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Muffinmixer) #4

How long did it take you to set this run up? Also, can you do this continuously or do you need to wait a bit between “runs”?

(Donnachadh) #5

And people say that there is too much easy ISK to be made in high sec.
You are right those who run lower level content should not make the same ISK per hour that you can, but then that is not my point. My point is that in nul and worm holes specifically your ability to make ISK relative to character skills, risks taken and the cost of ships needed to complete that content is out of whack and that is turning this game even more against the newer players than it was in the past.

(Muffinmixer) #6

The scaling is not so much about SP/hardware requirements and more about how many actual people you need to have to support you.

In high-sec you can pretty much do your own stuff solo and on your own schedule.

In low/null/WH you usually need an organization of people to support this sort of high-end PvE. I can bet this guy has a corp that keeps his stoop clean and keeps a nice quiet system as the next-door static so he can keep farming his C6 in peace. Either he’s paying them to do it or helps them out in return.

(Darkness Yassavi) #7

SOLO.I haven’t got a corp

(Olmeca Gold) #8

He feeds wormhole PvP’ers hard actually: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98481892/reset/group/485/losses/

Its not so hard to “solo” in anywhere if you have some alts and a second screen.

Also, fyi, your “next door static” changes daily in wormholes. What you do before farming is that you crash all wormholes in your system, do not open new ones, and hope nobody rolls into your wormhole (randomly spawns a new wormhole into your wormhole).

(Donnachadh) #9

Ran solo in worm holes for years, flew when I wanted and where I wanted within some practical limits. Yes I was part of a corp, but I was that off time zone guy who kept watch on things when the rest were asleep or at work so even though I had a corp behind me they did nothing to help me with my PvE activities.

Setting that aside the corps I have been in the others would not volunteer to “keep the stoop clean” as you put it because that means they are not making any ISK. And paying them for the services rendered reduces your income to the point where it is better to go run lower level content solo because you can usually make more ISK.

(Atomeon) #10

Finally some feedback what ppl is doing at WH/Null. If you brag such a crazy amount of isk at highsec, you expect next patch a nerf for that high sec activity.
I m curious too, how many alts need for that? :slight_smile:

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