EVE Online: Lifeblood - Feedback and issue reporting (Mac)

We’re delighted to announce that EVE Online: Lifeblood has been successfully deployed!

Please use this thread for general feedback and to report issues on the Mac.

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The Lifeblood expansion continues a large scale industrial revolution for EVE Online that includes new Upwell Consortium Refinery class structures, as well as brand new moon mining mechanics to accompany them.

Lifeblood also includes a whole host of improvements and changes, including Resource Wars, a new type of collaborative high-sec PvE content, as well as new Pirate Forward Operating Bases, the new Mining Ledger, improvements to The Agency, and Guristas Shipyards, which are accompanied by three brand new Guristas capital class hulls.

In addition to this, we see numerous smaller improvements, as well as bug fixes.

Everything is still really, really dark in space stations and in the game overall.

That’s intentional. It’s how station environments are supposed to look these days.

Any update/ETA on fixing and/or resolving the memory/crash issues with Wine? With every update this seems to be getting more and more unstable (2-3 crashes per hour is unacceptable). It doesn’t matter what the graphic settings are adjusted to - it still crashes regardless.

is there any any information on getting wine to pull the function keys in the touchbar

So any update on these memory leaks causing Wine instability and crashes? This is going on over a year now…

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I have found that in System > Keyboard > Check the “Use F1, F2, etc…” will enable the F keys nicely.

So I’ve come back to EVE after many years, and having played for many years prior to that, and I’m finding EVE under WINE on MacOS to be quite unstable - I’m getting crashes at very inopportune times, and far too regularly to be pleasant. What’s going on? Is this going to be resolved? Or am I going to abandon EVE again with no hope of reliable playability under MacOS?

Anyone have any suggestions? I’ve already looked at graphics settings, and to be blunt, with my Mac’s specs, I would certainly doubt that’s the issue, unless WINE just isn’t playing nice?

Well, I won’t be upgrading back to Omega unless there’s stability, that’s obvious.

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