December 2017 Arms Race Release – General Feedback

We’re happy to announce that the Arms Race Release has been successfully deployed!

Please use this thread for general feedback.

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The Arms Race release brings a whole host of new options for Alpha pilots to EVE Online with the Expanded Alpha Skillset, and the Daily Alpha Injector.

In addition to this, the Arms Race event will kick off on release day, when new improvements to Pirate Forward Operating bases, a new Project Discovery Monument, and more visual renovations to New Eden are also released.

The Arms Race release will also contain additional iteration on Resource Wars, with the introduction of the support role, as well as some balance changes to rewards. Jump fuel and jump fatigue changes are also included in this release, as well as the deployment of the new empire selection process to all new characters.

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Wait what? All Glacial Drift skins are available though ingame playing rather than hidden behind the paywall? :scream: The end is nigh! But good to see that CCP can listen.



ship tree “omaga” sign is missing for the gurristas and Blood Raider Capitals

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The “flash” of the info box is very annoying. Please reconsider this feature.


Why does the Agency notification telling me that I got new points does not open the AGency window where I can see my points when the notification itself says that I can see there how many points got?

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PL use HQ moving exploit forever…
Goons use it for 5 weeks after asking explicit permission

CCPL indeed.

Edit: Also, increasing the cost of moving caps will not make people want to fight each other. In fact quite the opposite as it becomes more expensive for the average Joe to JF / taxi his doctrine ships around for deployments, and thus he’s less likely to deploy or buy doctrine ships due to the increased fuel costs.

If you really want people to fight again with big toys, give citadels a log scaling damage cap, so that you can bring dreads and carriers and hit a higher damage cap and finish the citadel faster, at the risk of an expensive ship.

Also, unfuck capital missiles.

Edit again:

Want to make it easier for people to fight each other? De-fragment PLEX, stop using it to pay for everything else, have a 50% off sale, and you’ll have more people fighting each other and less krabbing for their month’s PLEX.

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Resource Wars still Worthless Rewards

The Procurer Pack is 30m, plus 5k in the LP store, yet I was sitting in Jita and added up all the items if I were to just buy them on the market, and they were less than 25m total. Which makes the LP earned completely worthless, not to mention spending even 1 isk on any item.

The gameplay was fun and I was skilling two characters to play to level 5, yet not anymore… can’t understand why you’re so disconnected from market reality? The mission should be in line with similar mining missions, where the LP is worth something.

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No drone sites in hi-sec?

There are loads in high sec.

What do you do with 300 out 180 Agency points? :thinking:

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Could someone summarize the Drone Live Event info here. Can’t get to the links above due to Work Firewall. Thanks!

Those of us with over the 20mil SP [and currently Alpha] are basically training Alpha skills in the dark.

Could we PLEASE get shown somewhere how many ALPHA skill points we currently have AND how close we are to the max Alpha training limit.


In the skillqueue (character sheet) there’s a pulldown menu where you can select “all skills” or “my skills” or “can train now”… try the “can train now” option and then you should see any alpha skills yet to train, one would think.


If they want people to fight again more, remove capitals, super capital and citadels and the game is fixed again. Before citadels and this pungent focus on capitals, EVE was more fun and engaging.


Alpha’s need significant better ways to make ISK right from the start, otherwise, the experience will still be too frustrating to them. Having access to level 4 missions and incursions doesn’t really matter that much if the majority of alphas have already uninstalled before they get there.


ooh yea cool new alpha ships!!! ahh new alpha event!! ahh new alp…
so 1st there was the removal of the 14 trial… okay fair enuf we all agree it was a bit short but…

Alphas where able to plex them selfs in game (like omegas) okay yea they wana grind crack on that’s why your an alpha and we are omega we PAY to have the benefits of the FULL game.
(so we can agree that proberly only a fraction of alphas actually bring in CCP real money IF they sub)

So why the f*ck is every dam update revolve around the free loaders?

When is CCP gonna sort something for the guys that have paid there real life money to CCP all these years?!?
Seriously when you going to give us an event with skill injectors?
Or when are you going to add a T3 Frigate and you going to make that available to alphas in the future?
Infact at what point do you plan to cap alphas? when they can fly maybe all T2 up to cruiser??? or maybe BC???

Honestly you need to think about your existing members and sorting them guys out!!
There the ones that pay your wage and give you that constant income???

So if you trying to get more money from alphas then what clever f*cker in the office come up with giving them more stuff to train thus increasing the time before they need to sub to continue…

I rember a year or so back every one saying there going to unsub as “EVE is dying”.

Well CCP well done!
Proved all them right by concentrating on the new f(ree) accounts rather then your bread and butter (Vets).

When people said eve was dying I was like “na yo stop being bitter!”…
F*ck me there was right…

In Short:

CCP sort it out! you are leaving very little reason for the average joe to sub any more.
I would love a reply to some of the above statements!!!



@CCP_Dragon underestimating us again. You might want to check (if you can) how many of us blew through that 180 points inside a couple of hours. :rofl:


The new animation for wormhole “End of Life” is way to SUBTLE. Prior to patch release (regardless of graphics settings) I could arrive on grid with a wormhole and know immediately if the wormhole was EOL or not, simply by looking at it.

Now it takes at least 10 seconds of direct observation to actually figure out if the hole is EOL or not. Essentially forcing me to “show info” on the wormhole every time I arrive on grid with one. Please restore the old EOL annimation or fix the new one to give the same amount of feedback as pre-patch. Thank-you.


I like that the new bubbles don’t create a new sun any more, that really helps my eyes. One thing, though: Why do they need to reflect the surroundings? When I look at them from afar, the background nebula linger on them like soapy slime. Why can’t it just be the normal green/blue/red hue of the bubbles?

I have unsubscribed, I am not paying a full sub any more just for the difference between alpha and omega.