Arms Race


(Rexxar Santaro) #1


It’ll be nice to make it available until December 25 or is other kind of events are planned?

(Lady Ayeipsia) #2

From the patch notes:
Missions & NPCs:

Added the Arms Race and Yoiul Festival events, starting on the 5th of Dec and the 19th of Dec respectively.

(Ralph King-Griffin) #3

i warped into someone’s site this morning accidentally and thought,

oh good, this will go faster with two of us.

i … i dont know how to feel about this lads … been drinking since but still dont feel right.

i don’t approve of this .

(Keno Skir) #4

Why didn’t you take his stuff?

(zluq zabaa) #5

Sounds like he did and vice versa…

(Aurelius Vicci) #6

They’re gateless public sites. It’s not “someone’s” site. That’s like going into a public restroom designed to accommodate multiple people, finding it has one person using the facility, and saying “Oh my gosh! I feel so bad because I walked into that person’s restroom!” It’s silly.

If it’s how you feel, then it’s how you feel. But it’s still silly.

(U S A) #7

What should I do further??? :japanese_ogre:

(Ramona McCandless) #8

Itll go faster when his loot is in my pocket, tbh

(Mina Sebiestar) #9

Roam find sites

They spawn often

Rewards so far are racial BC and BS Alpha injectors

Drops Accelerators skins,compounds,drugs random drone junk including BPC’s and spec edition commodities.

(yellow parasol) #10

Damn, Son, you have fever and need medicine! Have a glass of whikey, and LET’S PRAY IT’LL NOT GET WORSE!! :fearful:

(Ralph King-Griffin) #11

what stuff, nothing in these sites drops anything

(Ralph King-Griffin) #12

im perfectly aware that these are public sites mate,

my point in calling this “someones” was to highlight how the bears typically think of them,
something im partial to exploit for shites and giggles … and explosions.

(Sindara T'Soni) #13

Not at all like that. The person in the restroom doesn’t lose anything / you don’t take anything that was potentially theirs.

If there was a pot of gold in the middle of the rest room and the one person was just reaching for it when you showed up and took it instead you’d be a lot closer to a suitable analogy.

Still, it is not ‘their’ restroom or ‘their’ pot of gold. That part is obvious. I have a feeling there would be fights, if not murders, if this restroom with a pot of gold in the middle of it actually existed.

(Toran Mallow) #14

I felt the same way warping into one of these sites that someone was already working, but I found that most people actually enjoyed having a few other players around. Nobody stole anyones stuff, everyone played fair. The sites respawn fast enough so that you can keep trying if you don’t get that dank loot.

I can’t say for sure, but it also seemed like the sites lasted longer and gave better drops when mutiple players were on grid working it.

(Gemma Skord) #15

are we playing the same game? many people steal the loot.

(Sindara T'Soni) #16

That was my experience last night too.

To add some context though, there were usually 4-6 other players present and most in Battlecruisers, so if anyone went Suspect they were in for a bad time. I’d imagine that influenced the ‘shall I, shan’t I’ decision making process a little bit.

(Gemma Skord) #18

it always surprises me how indecent eve vets are.

they probably think they are super tough badasses when they steal sites from nebies and players in weaker ships.

(Trashburner SoEasy) #19

IKR? There are other full loot pvp games that have zero safe spaces, and that actually require aiming and are demanding of player skills, yet EVE vets somehow think they are hard with their 2-3 button combat. :smile_cat:

(Rexxar Santaro) #20

I just read the patch notes completely. It’s confusing, because it’s declared in Missions & NPCs but not in Events, for example. Looks like the Yoiul Festival will take a week until December 25. Also, what is supposed to be ‘18 ‘Holiday Trinkets’ added to the game as the Yoiul Festival approaches.’ in Miscellaneous section?


(Rexxar Santaro) #21

You warped accidentally, but for me it was a ‘Two Gilas Race!’ across 10 systems :sweat:

Respect to the CCP Dragon and his team, because they managed to fix the spawn mechanic of event sites - almost one site in each system under competition (Hi-Sec).