December 2017 Arms Race Release – General Feedback

this is really strategic on the part of CCP for keep and get more players ingame (“The size of team matter, yea”), contrary to what many people think now, the method of paying to play is obsolete in MMO games, the best way is not exactly to obtain payments for playing, but rather to obtain payments from players who want to be, to advance level quickly, to obtain fast updates, to obtain exclusive objects of payment. In the end many current games evolve in a way that anyone can have full access to the game in the long term but paid users would go obviously sooner and with better things.
and this should be the future of EVE an old game that need evolve and update too…


yea … in this way i never suscribe … i am now, and i wil be, a FREE player …

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Guess no more alpha skill farming.

That will be a sad day. EVE is better than that even though there is already an element in existence.

If it became full play to win I would probably not play any longer.


Alphas need:

  1. New alpha mining ship the CIND (venture variant): mines as much as standard venture but has much more defense, ore hold of 8,000m3, mining laser range bonus like the hulk, fixed mercoxit mining bonus of +100%. (idea is to let alphas mine mercoxit). The meta for mining has changed dramatically but how you are treating asteroids has not. The new meta is Rorquals and nothing else, so mercoxit has become space cancer, reduce the hurdles to mining mercoxit (can be mined with normal mining turrets, refund veteran SP) but leave it out of the reach of Rorquals by leaving it turret mining only. Now you are getting alphas into large alliances and they serve a very important role there, cleaning up mercoxit). Alphas would get deep core mining I so that omegas still have a serious advantage if they want to mine mercoxit)

also: please reshuffle mineral balance of nullsec ore, dark ochre needs buffed and arkonor needs nerfed.

  1. Mining Drone Operation V (i know most people in ventures (and the CIND if made ) dont use them but i always did).

  2. “Amarr industrial V” (& other faction T1) (they are small, letting alphas use them at full capacity wont break the game).

  3. Marketing alphas need more love: broker relations III, Accounting III, Trade IV.

  4. Button on skills page that lets you filter by things like: “my skills”, and “Can Train Now” needs a filter to show all skills available to alpha pilots.

  5. Market Browser filter needs: filter to show all things available to alphas.


Oh sure, Alphas can now use more expensive and better combat ships, but not more expensive and better mining ships. How are Alphas supposed to treat the more expensive combat ships with a similar value to an Omega when we don’t have access to the more espensive mining ships so we can get money for the larger combat ships in a somewhat reasonable time? You could’ve at least allowed Alphas to using mining drones but no. And the fact that the new injector costs Plex also doesn’t help ether.

Will probably uninstall untill I can also mine with the big boys.


The thing is CCP don’t want Alpha’s to be miners / producers / PI alts / Market alts or anything other than combat characters.


Because combat characters are more likely to need to purchase ISK via PLEX. They don’t want alphas to be self sufficient in anyway.

This has been a constant from alpha’s first inception. Listen to presentations at Fanfest and Vegas, read the blogs.

Alphas are a consumption character class.

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For the first time ever, my Windows 10 computer blue screened with a CPU overheated message. I was multi-boxing Eve uneventfully in quiet systems, as I frequently have done in the past with no problems.

Has anyone else noticed an impact on CPU load from today’s patch?


Broken content which got in a complete different direction from the original lore killed pre-alfa Eve. People did pay real life money before and there were enough folks who liked to pay for the game but… then we saw Rise of Fozzie and the flying Seagull…


Years ago, I played for 2 years and quit (too addicting, was getting nothing done). Came back and started new as an Alpha to see what changed from the beginning. Subbed to Omega. As some suggest, the free to play and pay to win aspects are less than exciting. But overall, the changes in the ui and graphics was much improved, and continue to improve. New ship types - good. The Agency, I had mixed feelings about, but this incarnation is nicely done. I got a battlecruiser through it, doing what I mostly do anyway. Can’t complain.

A lot of people complain that Eve is not what it was. I agree, it is not the same game. Or is it? I am doing the same things I used to. You can still have all the space battles you want on any scale. More capabilities are player sourced and driven than ever before, and when was that ever a bad thing? There have been lots of changes as Eve evolves. Change is hard for people to deal with. Resistance to change is a part of our nature. In Eve, those changes are making a better Eve: learn, discover, adapt, enjoy.

The things I had a hard time with is the now extreme free to play model, and the simplification of a lot of game mechanics have made it too easy. One thing you could always count on was that your fellow players were smarter than average. Not so much any more. Now I take the attitude that the new players who would have bailed now stay and will become a source of isk for the rest of us. Their arrival does not drag older players down. It provides opportunity.

I also dislike that Eve is just as addictive as ever.

Good work, CCP.


I have found an issue with Skills / Training Alpha skills. I will try to point out the issue. If it turns out to be incorrect, sorry.

  1. I used to be Omega and stripped down to base level of skill points before unsubbing and turning Alpha prior to this patch.
  2. I was training the few basic OLD Alpha skills which I seemed to be missing, so I could occasionally log in later and maybe fly a cruiser.
  3. I have no intention of adding "injectors’ or switching to Omega to get above the BASE Skills and Levels for a minimum Alpha Clone.
  4. So, Yesterday I was training Long Range Targeting to 3.
  5. I log in to add another Base Alpha skill, say Missile Launcher 2 (As I am Caldari) and I can not learn this Base Skill anymore. I have a total of 5 mil sp.

So, I am stuck now, Can not strip any ‘Non-Alpha Skills’ unless I plex or Sub, Nor can I fly even a Caldari Frigate, because having 5m sp’s I can not train anymore.

Prior to yesterday’s patch, I was going to train the Base Alpha skills and play… Today? Hmmmm


I don’t think we really need an evemail every single time we’ve had a minute change in our standings (i.e. when you go up a whole .1 from doing a “mission” for a R&D agent).
Especially when you can get the same info from the Notification Centre (unless those annoyed you and you disabled them in the settings).
Can’t do that with the evemails though so today I see I have Notification evemails for every standings change I’ve had since at least last August.
On one toon alone I had over 215 evemails.

Oh and just to make it even more redundant - the evemails are blank ! Just the Subject (Standings Increase) and the “From” (Agent name) and “Sent” (date of the increase/decrease) so you don’t even see what the increase/decrease was (point value) or what you did to gain/lose those points (or .001 points).


one hour for me.


Playing more than 4 years now, have paid a lot of real money to CCP. The first 1,5 years I lived in HS and was running level 4 missions… with a FULL PAID ACCOUNT!!!
Now everyone can do this… FOR FREE!!!
Everyone who wants to do PVP… do it… FOR FREE!!!
You also can do a lot of things (PVE) in Nullsec with battleships and so on to earn a bit more than in HS… FOR FREE!!!
You want to be an industrial: PAY FOR THE GAME!!!
Really??? What did you (CCP) eat for breakfast to get such ideas? It’s a real slap in the face for everybody in this game!
Fix it, make a 12 week trial for example, otherwise you should not wonder if the amount of omega clones will hit the ground and alphas (which don’t bring your bread on your table) are your future community.


As stated in the issues feedback thread.


Wait, I assumed the points and what not would reset during the shutdown (hence the timer)…

Guess that’s not the case?

Yeah, I’m a noob…

Yeah, currently the new changes means if you have any characters that has more than 5mil SP, it can’t train the old Alpha skills anymore. Previously, even if I had 70mil SP, I could still train the Alpha skills I was missing. Not anymore though, as the free skill training is now capped at 5mil SP regardless of what skills you have.

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Could someone summarize the Drone Live Event info here. Can’t get to the links above due to Work Firewall. Thanks!

Drone sites spawn randomly in space, they are celestial beacons so visible on the overview. There are three levels of difficulty, seem to be categorized by space, i.e. highsec only spawns Nests. They are pretty ubiquitous; there’s one every second-third system, pretty much impossible to miss.

Once inside, there is the Drone nest known from SoE epic arc and some infested stations as backdrop, and drones warp in(oddly enough) in waves. There is like a dozen waves, and every say - four, a boss drone spawns. This is the only one that actually drops loot, including the new totally-not-reused boosters. I’ve also seen them drop other kinds of boosters, “lore loot” and drone compounds(not in any meaningful amount though) All drones have bounties.

I believe every boss kill counts as site clear, so you get several clears per site, even if you don’t do anything, just warp in and afk and other players kill everything for you. At least yesterday, on te release day, the sites were absolutely besieged by players.

Despite the supposed “arms race”, the best ship to clear the sites in highsec seems to be a destroyer. Absolute majority of drones are corvette/frigate sized, with a handful of destroyers and “boss” cruisers.

Rewards are interesting: a BC of the player’s character empire, a Alpha skill booster and a BS of the player’s character empire. Expect prices of certain BCs and BSs to drop.

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■■■■■■■■ why remove capitals I trained for years and enjoy fighting in capitals. just cause you cannot fly them dont mean remove them… DUMB

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Yeah, Would have been nice to be able to move them around then. As is this toon is useless. Can’t even fly a frigate. LOL, I know it’s what I did extracting SP’s before Un-subbing. But might have changed which I extracted had I know this was going to be the case.

Time to delete this one and make a new Alpha with no restrictions then, so I can at least fly a ship!

But, it would be nice if we could identify the old Base alpha skills easily in Character sheet. But whatever, it is what it is.

Thanks again, Mate!