August 2018 Release - Known Issues


(Ming Sun-Tzu) #21

(Ming Sun-Tzu) #22

(A sort of fix… it’s still broken. Just a little less so)

(zluq zabaa) #23

The rewards are Agency points. Look in the Agency window and click “claim” again, you should receive points.

(Uriel the Flame) #24

Went as expected. :popcorn: :smiling_imp:

(zluq zabaa) #25

Well at least low tier pockets are still useless trash.

(NeoFriend) #26

The abyssal stuff is nice, but there are too many non-NPC ships flying around and talking in chat. Is there a way you can remove all other players and make it completely solo?

(Maximus Martinus) #27

I just did a lvl 1 test Abyssal. After completion, I checked the Agency window and already appear to have 390 points, plus 17 for the site. Sadly, I can’t claim anything. Half a bug perhaps.


(Dom Arkaral) #28

Apparently switching ships in space with one in an orca/bowhead is not working

Can someone verify?

(CCP Habakuk) #29

The right-click option to board a ship from a ship maintenance bay is unfortunately currently missing. As workaround you can launch the ship and board it then from space, but be aware that this is less safe if any other players are around.
A fix for this is already in the pipeline.

Unable to "board ship from hanger/bay" in orca/carrier
(Louisa Mason) #30

I logged in to start this event, and had a random 50 points to start with. Done a couple of the objectives, and it said I have got the first reward. But there is nothing to redeem. So there is a problem. With starting with random points, and not getting rewards.

Edit -
I am also now not getting any points. Completed another 3 objectives, and my points remain at 67. This is bugged like no tomorrow

Edit 2 -
The hotfix has put me at 27 points, and refreshed my objectives. No idea if that is right or not. But will see how it goes

(Dom Arkaral) #31

Thank you for the quick response

(Black Ambulance) #32

dear CCP , I haven’t touched Abyssal deadspace since the new event (patch) but already have 420 points therefore 2 items to redeem which are not in redeem items . :frowning: pls fix

(obviously on another account)

(Thera Saisima) #33

Ran the abyssal sites then restarted my client. My point count went from 500 approx to 5. Is this intentional?

(ronny coops) #34

market window still not working . this was reported months ago . are you ever going to fix this

(ronny coops) #35

how about fixing the market window

(Max Adoudel) #36

So are those crates meant to open infinite times? I`ve done 2 Abyssal pockets and brought back nearly a hundred of Triglavian Cache Data. Is it legit?)

(Maximus Martinus) #37

CCP - are you sure you’ve fixed this Abyssal problem? Having repeated my first site, I didn’t get 10 points for completing any site with any filament. The destroyed ship counter was 10/10 in the site but only shows 9/10 when completed. Should I have got another 5 for completing the first pocket? All this on top of the 31 points you have already stolen from me!

(Maximus Martinus) #38

Just finished another Abyssal site. All I could claim was a 5 point reward for the first room. The enemies defeated is still on 9/10 (as after first site). Still nothing for completing any site with any filament. You must owe me at least an accelerator by now.

(eeep) #39

seems so, i submitted a bug report and the dev said it’s intended

(Max Adoudel) #40

Have you found out anything on it`s purpose except lore?)