October 2018 Release - Known Issues


(Iowa Banshee) #41

I have adjusted my game play to use the Rook Combat Recon: I removed all ECM, added a cloak, warp stabs, burst module and relic analyzer.

  • I no longer used it to hunt for PVP targets in wh space.
  • I use it to hack relics sites and to hide from PVP targets in wh space. It’s not as much fun as pvp but if I want to use the Rook CCP has forced me into pve

its now a Non-Combat Recon

(techzer0) #42

And yet…

You don’t have to lie to kick it.
You don’t use ECM ships.
Stop lying all the time.

Going off killboard stats is a valid argument according to you. lol

(Rivr Luzade) #43

Oh, hey CCP: Loot history in the fleet window is broken. It tells me I looted 2 modules from a wreck from a ship that had only one such module fitted:

18:45:30 Rivr Luzade has looted 2 x Gist X-Type X-Large Shield Booster

Might want to fix that.

(Salt Foambreaker) #44

On my faction guy, only on zKillboard, I have a kill I never made, coincidentally on a really great PvPer :slight_smile:

The kill doesn’t show up in game.

Either the site or the API is borked.

(Iowa Banshee) #45

If you revoke your api (on zkill) not all kills are shown & the fits show can be a bit unreliable.

(Knalldari Testpilot) #46

@CCP_Habakuk and @CCP_Lebowski

Ingame video playback stuttering/hanging.
Affected is every video in “F12/tutorial videos” and the intro video itself.

Intro has multiple playback issues and video totally stops playback at “pilot in capsule” scenery (while audio still playing).

(CCP Falcon) #47

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