Chaos Era Continues - Cyno Update

as a part time jf logistician, here are my options with this change to continue running my service:

  • buy 4 injectors per cyno in my chain (6 total characters) to train frigate 5/cyno 5/covert ops
  • MCT 6 characters and train for 94 days to train those same skills
  • train for 118 days to get those cyno alts into a force recon, or 107 days for a prospect, or 234 days for a black ops
  • jUsT uSe OnE cYnO cHaRaCtEr AnD mOvE iT fOr EvErY jUmP, also tripling (or more) the amount of time it takes to complete a jf run
  • not run my jf service until rise/fozzie/whoever’s dumb idea this is, figures out what the word consequences means

basically the point of this post is, if you make a change that makes eve more difficult for logisticians, everyone suffers, not just the jf pilots. either the jf pilots pass the increased costs on to their customers, or they simply quit the game in frustration - i’ve seen both happen, particularly with the change where topes were halved in size and jump fuel costs were doubled with one completely stupid, completely thoughtless, “oh it’ll be harmless” change

i’m a 9-account player and i’ll unsub them all without hesitation if this change goes live. if you’re reading this, hilmar, thoughtless change for the sake of change is a great way to accelerate as you drive this game into the ground

and that’s to say nothing of the effects this will have on capital pvp (literally no one will do it during this change because your capital models are way too big), subcapital pvp using bridges (grats you just killed battleship fleets forever, as if their godawful slow warp speeds weren’t enough), sov pve activity (clearly no one on the balance team actually plays eve online or you’d know how dead sov space already is, and you want to make it worse) and any other area of the game i’ve forgotten

tl;dr: do this and you get to watch the pcu dip below 20k omegalul


CCP I need to know who your supplier is. This change is showing that you get the good stuff.


Any plans on some re-balancing of recon stats here then? Currently armor tanked recons are a bit ass in terms of ehp compared to shield fitting even the ones that should be armor tanked. I understand the goal here is to take away a bit from the super bricked ship cynos, but its really gonna make it hard to make even okay armor cynos compared to shield ones.

there will have no dreadbomb cuz the whole null-sec will die in silence and there won‘t have any target to drop those dreads

Drop your pants and prepare to accept my ships

Here’s an alternative method for you to use to fix cynos, since this is such a poor way to do so. I agree with the intent, not the methodology.


Congratz on getting half of your player base to unsub


So I’m trying to remain positive with all these wickedly stark changes…but it’s becoming a bit too much at once.

I’m a director in a null sec corp. If you think subs aren’t falling that’s fine, maybe they aren’t,but people are not logging in. I’m having trouble getting people to do anything as a corp now. The drive to log in is just gone. Blackout did that. We are a hybrid corp. We love PVP but we also like to shoot red dots and munch rocks. The second part is less viable now. Especially for our membership that can only play partially at the keyboard.

These changes are great for highly active people, but the casuals are getting hurt.

These cyno changes are great, but are far too extreme. I for one would have applauded cynos being removed off of capitals, but there would be no restriction on subcapitals beyond capacitor.

The black out would have been great if you had provided nullsec blocks to be able to restore local themselves through structures by now. If you let black out drag on you WILL lose subs. You’re already going to lose the cyno alt subs.

One change that should have been considered OVER this cyno change is Covert Cloaks. They should cost LO to remain active. The fact that someone can indefinitely camp without having to leave system or restart the module is beyond broken. 10 minute cycle like the cynos (which btw you should consider nerfing if you going to make people use half a bil ships to light them) and its costs 10 LO at a time. Beyond a certain period, using cynos or covert cynos is impossible. Either a fuel truck has to come in, or the camper has to leave. Either way, exposing them.

Stop picking on the null sec blocks. FW is dead, HS is boring. Those are two items you could consider fixing before toppling your biggest sub base.

Oh and for the love of god…make Wormhole constellations actually useful. Would be so cool to drop into one wormhole and cyno into a neighboring one. Now that would be cool.


same rule for covert cynos? no cheap ass covert cyno bombers any more?


Lazy Development at its finest. We need to do something about capital proliferation.

Instead of coming up with an actual fix lets just neuter 90% of capital play.

Now there will no more small capital brawls. No more bait drops with hopes of escalation. When you have to pay 250M+ (which is just going to get more expensive with this announcement) just to light a cyno, on a ship which is easily one vollied off the field. When that cyno goes up everyone is jumping through because they don’t know how long it will be there. Do you think this will affect the Rorqual Miners? Nope, they can afford to dedicate another account to a cloaky cyno (I see what you’re doing here, you make it harder to bot and see a large reduction in activity so you need people to make more alts).

Increase Red Timers, continue to iterate on damage application with Caps vs Subs, Deny Access to Jump Gates for All Capitals (blame trigs or Drifters or whatever), nah lets just take capital play off the table all together.

If these changes stick around, I will not. Seems like Eve is going Pay2Win folks, o7 Pearl Abyss.



Thank you this looks like a fun experiment! I’m glad you guys looked at cynos themselves as I firmly believe the mobility of capitals is the main cause of the stagnation in the game.

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Plz buy all my capitals for THE PRICE I BOUGHT THEM and conver ALL capital related skills i ever trained in to FREE SP on all my 4 accs



this isnt chaos, this is just weaponized inconvenience


Literally dread bomb anything.

Rorq fleet? Dread bomb.
Titan? Dread bomb.
Dread fleet? Dread bomb.
Carrier? Dread bomb.
jackdaw? Dreadbomb.

Why? Because nobody will be able to counter it.

Even if you have a Force recon cloaked up on field at the right time and place for any response, it’ll just get blapped off grid immediately.


Have you ever tried to play FozzieSOV?

this is the main stagnation


I feel like we really need a cheap non-combat cyno option for capital logistics. I do a lot of flying caps from Point A to Point B and I don’t want to have to ping my entire corp to guard my cyno, or lose 500m to move 1 dread 1 jump to my staging system.

It could literally be a Tech 0 cyno that offlines all your modules as soon as you jump to it - it can be completely irrelevant for escalations. This would also let JF pilots keep JFing without needing to pay for cyno5 alts (since a lot of jf pilots run like 50 cyno chars.)


What about a new cyno module just for JFs?

Covert ops can still fit covert cynoes… but that helps only with blopsing and jf.

Wow CCP really does want people to cluster up. BLUE DONUT POWER
Just another reason for people not in 10,000+ man alliance to not rat.

tldr; Big alliances will have a cloaked recon in every system. Small alliances will die!


congrats, you just made whole game go smallgang pvp
gid good on your monthly profit loss report ccp