Additional Chaos Era Cyno rework thoughts

A fundamental change in how the Jump Drive system is presented to the players, and another item of which to completely change the game in many aspects.

  • Jump Drive module that goes in a Jump Drive slot, can only be refit whilst docked.
  • Jump Drive module dictates distance you can jump
  • Selection of Jump Drive affects combat capabilities, short distance drive = higher combat efficiency.
  • Click Jump Drive module icon to open up a Jump Window
  • All cynos in range are shown, system/Cyno ID (some letter/number combination). Literally, all cynos. Enemy, neutral, ally. Anyone can jump to any cyno with a jump capable ship, but titan bridges are limited to Fleet Only for balance?
  • Jump Drive Calibration dictates how close to the cyno you land, say 100KM from cyno is level0, normal default distance now is level5.

Is this chaotic enough to be intresting?

It sounds really cool. I have no practical experience with caps but this doesn’t seem to be a garbage fire immediately. Also not having to train JDC V sounds awesome.

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