Best way to fit a Thanatos for just jumping ships to Null

I was thinking agility mods in case some one bumps you off station.

If you cyno from station to station, how would agility help you? Bumping does not prevent a cyno jump but a hictor bubble or point does.

I was not playing for 4 years but as I remember when you jump and land next to a station you could get bumped off before you could dock or if you landed to close to a station you could bounce off it. I remember carriers getting killed this way. Thats why I was thinking agility mods because carriers aline very slow.

Ouuh that yeah. If you can use a citadel, make sure your cyno is in a good position or if you are very lucky, the Amarr stations have the undock on the bottom of the station which is surrounded by pylons.

So scout your destination and make sure you find a similar good spot to open your cyno and bash the dock button.

Yes carriers do align very slow and once you see an Onyx, Devoter or broadsword, it’s game over.
One trick is to fit a 500mn mwd, which cycles in 10 seconds and pushes you into warp after that.

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