Owning jumpgate/cyno in delve region

i need to have 2 systems in delve to be connected with jumpgates and cyno structures. problem is all systems have their own jumpgate/cyno so cannot place my own even if system is unclaimed,so even after i own the system i cannot put my own structure.
now question is we can destroy the obstacling jumpgate/cyno beacon in our own system to put up our structures?
since the jumpgate/cyno beacon owners wont transfer them anyway.

i know workaround is a recon with tons of ozone and running it like beacon but sticking with recon for few hours just to move few titans or supercarriers? meh.

I killed them. Goons wont/dont care. One guy even helped me kill one.

one of them did show up to try defend the jump gate with phoenix,he was so desperate and fitted it for HAW. took my levi with regular cap guns and got it done. he desieged and warped away.

wanted make freeport cyno/jump gate network in delve but that would take too long to drop sov,upgrade,shoot gates,replace etc. and more would interferee

honestly thats a surprise. but it is goons.

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