Ansiblex Jump gate issues

Is anybody else having issues anchoring the new jump gates? I get to the end of the menus and hit the anchor button but nothing happens. No error message or anything.

Hi there,

Sorry I’m so late responding to this, did you manage to get this resolved and if not, did you submit a bug report?

sadly we cannot have gates to stain :frowning: this appears to be so terrible that jump gates range limit make them obsolete :diamonds::diamonds::diamonds::diamonds::diamonds::diamonds::diamonds::diamonds: … anchoring problem is other one.

ccp rules need to be specified because situation is simple

" someone ANCHORS gate in your sov system,the gate is not functioning and YOU cannot put your gate because theres already gate installed…and destroying alien gate is agaist rules but you cannot have yours because someone else put it in not his sov system

CAN WE KILL GATES in our sov system? i mean gates anchored by someone else to DENY us anchoring our gate.

the sisi rules are dumb in this new situation because attacking anything outside testing system is agaist rules but what you can do if someone anchors gate in your system so you cant put your own one?? CCP REALLY? so ifm i claim sov and some1 place gate i have to pick another system because cant destroy it due to stupid sisi rules??

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